LUCKY247 advice needed please


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Nov 29, 2015
Hello everyone, my name is Dom and was wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice.

I was googling for some infomation about Luck247 casino site and came across Cainomeister
and after having a quick read of some of the threads it looks like I picked the wrong site to play.

I deposited £75 and was playing Jurassic Park £3 a spin, I like the 243 line games, I got lucky at won about £2500
after clearing the bonus, so i doubled checked the terms and found that term about you can only withdraw
6x your initial deposit,sick as i've never won so much money before......
this is the term, I know most of you know about this after reading some other threads
"Where a sign-up Bonus has been credited to you, and after meeting all wagering requirements,
you will be limited to a maximum withdrawal value of 6 times your first deposit amount and any
remaining balance will be forfeited. All progressive wins are exempt from this clause."

This term is not in the welcome bonus term but its hidden away in the long T&C's for the site, so I think to myself
I just as well play it down to £450 and cash it out, have a bit of fun with the other 2k, then I see the end sentence in that term
All progressive wins are exempt from this clause. So I think why not try and win a jackpot, maybe my luck is in and I win £2million lol
Well my luck is sort of in, I can't seem to lose, I now have a balance of over £12,000 but it seems they wont pay so
no point me trying to cash it out, after playing the ISIS MEGA MOOLAH I have won a few MINI and MINOR jackpots, so my
question is will I get to keep these winnings, it's only £10's and the odd £100 here and there but they are adding up
or am I just wasting my time and they still won't pay, it is devasting i have £12k and cant cash it out
but i would be suicidal if I won the £2million and they didn't pay.

I can't see anything in the terms that says after I cleared the bonus I cant play with this money even though they wont pay
me out if i withdraw. i repeat the term All progressive wins are exempt from this clause. So I am hoping they are going to pay me those winnings
and maybe i get £1000 or a little more of out of them. After all I have been playing for about 20+ hours trying to win the jackpot lol

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice would be greatfully aprreciated



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Jul 29, 2014
I see you are in the UK. As such your gambling falls under UK regulation. I believe under UK regs any important T and C has to be clearly displayed directly on the promotion. This is just my memory so don't take my word for it but there is definitely something like that in the wording, they cant hide important terms.

Only being able to cashout 6x your deposit amount is an absolutely crucial term. If it is as you describe, not even mentioned on the terms and conditions for the promotion but buried away in another part of the site then I believe it falls foul of UK regulations and you would win in court. I would take screenshots of everything and then cash out and see what they say.

EDIT : PM a mod please and ask this to be moved to the bonus complaints section which is the appropriate forum thanks.

EDIT : Also contact the lucky247 rep here and PM him telling him of your situation and pointing to this thread.


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Mar 21, 2012
I believe the Meister himself did give a warning to 247 to add the term into the actual bonus terms and not just in general terms, Also to get rid of the up to the casino's discretion, and by looking at your post thats been done due to it states you will be limited

Also he kicked out another casino for this rule but was sold to another casino not long after

I am afraid theres not much chance you will get more than the x6, Its an outrageous rule and any casino that has this should be rouged anyway,
If I was you just have some fun, Go on to imortal romance and games alike and build up your choice of features,

I do not think the mini minor major jackpot counts, saying that the majour one might, Just go big on the JP slots and hope for the best, I hope I am wrong and the casino can sort you out


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Dec 18, 2014
Unfortunately the first piece of advice i give to a player today is:

Read ALL T&C's.

It has become meanwhile normality for casinos to firstly think of hideous rules and then hide them as best as possible.

First advice to you: stay away from Lucky247 and play at 32red or GoWild/Wild Jackpots if you like MG download casinos.

As for your cashin i would withdraw 450$ first, re-deposit 100 without a bonus, play a little and then withdraw the lot hoping that they don't realize the winnings are coming from the first deposit. Although at the amount you are now Lucky247 will to a game check.

It will be difficult to get the full amount, sorry to say that. I stopped playing there completely after they shafted a few players with that 6x clause.


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Jun 13, 2015
It is very rare when I take a bonus these days but before I do, I read the terms over and over especially when it's a new Casino I just signed up to.

I only stick to accredited casinos and try to read up everything about it as I have read a lot of peoples experiences of bad bonuses, ridiculous wagering at certain Casinos. Some t&c's so stupid really.

I am so happy that I found this site as I have learnt so much and still learning :)

Good luck to you and I hope everything goes well :)


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Mar 15, 2014
betty ford clinic

few weeks ago chatted to their support who tried to trick-trap me into that stupid welcome bonus (100% tiny to mention)...

As I asked about a max cashout rule she had to look for it almost 15 minutes.

They seem to keep the support uninformed so they have the believe to not trick the customers.

ugly behavior, ugly attitude, ugly casino.