Slow Pay Lucky Red- Delayed ACH Withdrawal


Dormant account
Hi all. I am new to Casinomeister... relatively new to the whole online casino thing. So, I have read pretty solid reviews of Lucky Red, but my experience has not been so great thus far. And I kind of wanted some guidance as to where to go from here.

I won $3,600 and did an ACH Withdrawal. All of my info was good and the withdrawal was accepted. I got an email letting me know that the money would be in my bank account in 3 working days. After 3 working days, no money. I called and emailed. It turned to 5 working days. No money. Then it was yesterday. Then today. No money. I called today and was told it is taking longer lately and I 'should' have it next week.

My concern is that I haven't gotten a consistent answer from one person at the casino. Every story just pushes it further and further down the road. I am beginning to wonder if I am being scammed or what?

Any comments/advice would be really helpful here.
:D Thanks!


Is That Better?
Hi Jenna, nice to meet you! :)

Lucky Red is in the Club World group and they are as solid as they come. They are having issues pertaining to withdrawals for their customers. But, they will pay you!
try to be patient and know it will come, hopefully sooner rather than later! :thumbsup:


Dormant account

Well that is reassuring to hear... it's easy to get paranoid I guess. I will say the folks who work there are ultra courteous. They seemed legit, but the fact that no one could seem to give me a straight answer was annoying. Hopefully I will see the deposit in a couple days (I guess the weekend is a no go) and all will be well. Thanks for your posts! Enjoy your weekends :D