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Jan 4, 2004
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That's excellent! Glad to hear that it's sorted out :) Enjoy it. Don't worry, we will be keeping that low limit games idea in the memory banks.

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I must say Lucky Nugget you have done a great job with the forums, it shows you are open to ideas and makes me know if there is ever an issue it will get resolved. Not just here but at the zoo as well. You have won me as a part time customer, I unfortunately have alot of commitments in poker land so I dont have alot of free time Wed-Sun. Two questions though

1. Can a player transfer from poker to casino? What about player to player? I guess not considering the back end is different but maybe there is a way?

2. I made a deposit by prepaidatm, I have already withdrawn my deposit amount and then some do I have to continue to withdraw prepaidatm or could I withdraw neteller after withdrawing my original amount? Many poker rooms are funny about this even though there is no risk after the original amount is cashed out but it appears it is possible here at Lucky Nugget.

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