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Mar 9, 2006
Hey everyone....I was wondering do any of you play at lucky nugget casino? Have you had any problems cashing out there? Do they make you fax things in to cash out when you have been using a credit card? Do they give you a hassle with cashing out? Overall experience? Thanks for any input! :)
Its a popular casino and they have a good banking system where you can choose how you want to cashout each time. However they do not allow credit card cashouts and you have to choose ACH (USA) or cheque if you don't use an ewallet. Their support is notoriously slow too!

If you live in the UK, it used to be tricky to get a bank wire cashout, but this may have changed recently. These are Belle Rock things in general, not just Lucky Nugget. They also recently ditched the sign up bonus in favour of 100 free spins on does tend to be slot focused, although all the other games are there.

The reverse time is 24 hours and they have stopped flushing aswell, but to their credit they do process cashouts at weekends.



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