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RIP Donna :(
Aug 14, 2004
Mostly I have just read this board....replied to a few post. But not have a real "bitch"!
I made a deposit to Lucky Nugget tonight using's not much 75$, but it was my mad money for the weekend.....welllllll
The transaction was processed thru click2pay with no problem...but the LN site just sat.....never got a reciept or credit

I get into live help with LN support...I get a transaction number from click2pay...I then get the following from support
" i was just informed that we can only have a resolution for you on monday. The department at our Payment Center that deals with Click2Pay timeouts are only available during the day. The time at the moment over here is 2.10am Saturday morning."
I call LN support directly...they say the same thing...they have noone that can fix this until Monday...but..that the $$ "could show up in my account in the next 24 to 48hrs by itself"
so....i am out 75$ till monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont' get this...I work i understand "computer glitchs" but my problem is.....
They told me..if it was neteller...they could fix it...but not click2pay..this is a support center that supports 7 casinos'!!!!
I did tell them I was going to post this....and that I did not think this was good business pratice!!!
If you have customer's paying money to your site to should have someone to fix a glitch anytime!!!

What really worries me....should I ever try click2pay with bellrock again????

I really liked lucky nugget..the first time I played there I hit really I hate to not play there anymore...but worried!!! :(

Anyone else have this kind of problem????? Or is this the Norm for casinos?
Lucky Nugget

Thanks for the reply about's not click2pay's fault. My biggest complaint is the fact that bell rock doesn't have anyone on "duty" until Monday. I can understand if their "doors" where closed when these people are off...but they arn't.

Thanks again...intresting reading.
Still nothing

Well...just an update...still no $$ in my LN account. I was really hoping it would just show up. I called LN again, still the same answer...NOONE CAN HELP TILL MONDAY!! :(

Well..finally got the dep. on Monday...but did call again ...and spoke to someone...he felt that was too long to wait also. He is going to report the issue to Management...We will see.....
Locked out by Lucky Nugget

Unfortunately I was unaware of this forum for my complaint, since it happened about 7 weeks ago. I signed up with lucky nugget for the $200 for $50 deal. After about an hour of playing on my $50 I was up over $1000. I called customer support to see if I could cash out before the bonus hit my account. They were having web difficulty and asked me to email the following day. Of course I wound up blowing my grand, which I have a tendency to do; but the next day I was locked out of my account. I could not getthrough on the phone, so I sent at least 12 emails throughout the week. I did not even get one response. I was floored.

I decided to just not play at Belle Rock Casinos and went on with my business---out the $200 bonus. Then I ran into a similar problem with Vegas Partner lounge. Come to find out, during a block party ( I assume) people went on my computer and signed themselves up for casino accounts. These accounts somehow had "links" to my email or compter or something. I was denied bonuses everywhere. Very frustrating. After many weeks and correspondance with vegas partner, we resloved the issue. But I am very upset at how lucky nugget handled my situation. I know I should have been more proactive, but I did not really want to waste any more energy on the damn thing.

I can only assume that the "mixed links" caused the issue with lucky nugget, but to not even get a response is unheard of for such a well known group. If anyone has any ideas, please advise. If I waited too long and I am SOL, then I can accept that. Anyway, it was great to find an arena to voice the issue. Next time I have a problem, I will be sure to come here first.
** I know the guys at this establishment, and they usually take great pride in their dealings... I have to admid that I have not spoken to anyone since the Bellerock thing... I will make see if I can get hold of someone to check this lot out. **
Hi Gaputernut,

This is another issue that I will pursue, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sorry that it ruined your weekends play.

Atnblt, please can you PM your details to me and I will follow up and see what happened to your account.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

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