"Lucky Network"Episode 1 Part 3 - The Conclusion


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Dec 27, 2007
in the final episode of "Lucky Network The Missing ID" we see more twists and turns than a snake trying to get out of a basket.

Sparkz was peacefully at home enjoying a relaxing day after a nice walk around town. At exactly 14:51pm he checked his email... was it more porn spam links? perhaps someone telling him he had won 1,0000,00000,0000? or even someone saying he had won a screensaver?.... not this time... in fact it was his good old friend "MR Lucky Casino". What made him want to spare minutes of their day in sending this rather short email?

In episode 2 after managing to hit a no deposit win Sparkz was left in a poor situation. MR UK government said no to issuing ID cards and poor old Sparkz hadnt visited the wide overseas world or driven a car so could not provide them any of these and the thought conclusion was a stalemate where sparkz wouldnt of seen his 40 winnings he wanted to buy his haribo sweets with.

Sitting in "last chance hotel" Sparkz eagerly opened the email to find out what they wanted...

"We have found a solution to our problem, we will accept any PASS accredited card coupled with a utility bill. Please see (
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
) with regard to photographic identification, you can obtain one in the UK by using the following link -
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this is a valid photographic identification under UK law.

We look forward to receiving your required documentation.
Kind regards "

Said "MR Lucky". Once Sparkz had read this he relised the whole thing would turn into yet another stalemate decision. He explained to them how it would be rather nasty them expecting him to pay that money for a "pass" ID card he would never use and that certainly "MR UK" would not be happy with him sending a scanned image of this card as "MR Imigrant" could use it in anyway he wanted to by simply sticking his own photo over top and laminating it.

The next reply this time wasnt from "MR Lucky" but was from "MR Lucky Manager". He said

"We regret to inform you once again that without a photographic ID and utility bill, we are unable to process any withdrawal, this is only needed on this one occasion.

The Government endorses and supports the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) and recommends that all retailers and the enforcement community do the same. PASS gives young people an easy, economical way to prove their age, when they need to, by providing retailers and enforcers with a single, recognisable logo they can trust.

Vernon Coaker MP, Home Office Minister for Crime Reduction

Here is a list of companies in the UK we know that can supply you with a PASS card:


All our policies are put into place to protect the casino and players, please help us to help you get your withdrawal from the casino concluded by supplying the required photographic identification."

Once again Sparkz was left confused. He could understand maybe its some proof of age scheme which staff in shops would look at in case he was ID'd for much needed intoxicants but why on earth a casino would want to have a full copy to use how they want was beyond him.

Shaking his head Sparkz stubbed out his sideburned roll up cigarette and sipped his tea whilst he thought what he could possibly say to his good friend.

After hitting the keyboard keys for 5 minutes Sparkz finally replied and said

"Hello there,
as i mention there is no point me paying that money for the id card just so i can send a copy to you for this 1 occasion... wheres the logic? id cards of any type are exclusively for prooving your age to shops and companys that require this proof, they are never stored on record.
Im sure if you were to get in touch with hm revenue and customs uk they would also recomend that even if i did buy 1 of these cards that under no circumstance should a physical copy be made avaliable to any company let alone a casino for fraud prevention and the general protection of the person.
Furthermore concerning this problem i have 100% lost all faith in your casino. I had offered to give all possible documentation i have and use in everyday life (such as utility bills, national insurance card, bank cards, statement, government issed income support forms, yearly tax code forms, wage slips, screenshots of my online banking accounts and medical forms) which would more than satisfy any other casino i have played at.
I was hoping to be an active depositor however due to this problem and the pure manner it has been dealt in i would just like my account closed 100% for all of eternity
furthermore if people ask me for advice if to play at your casino or not i will happily share this experience and the painstaking time it has been (3 week possibly?) to come to this unsucsessful conclusion.
Upon reading your terms because they are of course changed so often i did notice that you claim that if anything negative was said about "Lucky Network" then the casino had the right to pass that persons personal information around. However i remind you to do some research on the data protection act because disclosing personal information of that kind in any way the information was not given for (such as in the workplace staffs details can be shared exclusively with people linked to that company such as head office or in this case my information is exclusively given to play at your casino which is where that information should stay) would actually be in breach of that and thus be a legal matter.
I wish you a good day
:D "

From this day forwards "MR Lucky Casino" and Sparkz could no longer be friends. They had both fallen out in the past before but "MR Lucky" tried to decieve Sparkz and make their friendship work again. However this time what had been a relatively distant and bleak friendship had now turned into a full on disagreement which can never be resolved between the two. Oh what a sad day.


LMAO... Well thats the end of the final part of this first and last episode. Its kinda peed me off the way they wanted government issued id previously and as vinylweatherman said this is a major problem in the UK. These "PASS" cards are not made for proving ID at an online casino, simply they show your photo and date of birth and photoso that the shopowner can see you are over the minimum age. They are not from the government direct so arent classed as "government issued id cards", they cost money and i dont even think everyone can have them, Certainly if i emailed the company telling them i need 1 just to send a copy to a casino online then never use it again then it wouldnt be advisable...

They knew what they were doing, simply they were probably never going to pay me and as i rightfully mention, if they want to pass my details onto whoever just because i explain the crap that happened then they we be liable for a battle i dont think they will want lol

edit: and oops for the typos :p


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Jun 19, 2006
Unfortunatley, pretty much all casinos ask for this information these days when cashing out, and this is usualy explained and detailed somewhere in said casinos terms and conditions. I feel for you I really do, but my advice would be from now to read the small print before signing up and depositing anywhere. Oh and get yourself an ID card, if you want to carry on playing on line you WILL need one :)


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May 12, 2009
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Sparkz, couldn't you get a learners licence to use as ID? I don't know how that goes in the UK but in Australia all you have to do is a written test to get your learners.


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Dec 27, 2007
thanks for the reply,

nope, previously went through all posibilitys with them and in "part 2" lol

i could indeed get a "provisional" licence... but the questing surrounding that is there isnt too much point..

they cost about 40 and sicne i may never learn to drive it wouldnt be beneficial, + i dont get id'd anywhere for alcohol or cigarettes anymore so it wouldnt be ideal to get 2 purely to send a copy of it to a casino on a 1 off occasion

they also tried telling me about the uk government issued id cards coming this year lol... clearly they have no clue about that either

the idea behind these cards was everyone had to have 1 and they have to contain retinal and fingerprint scans... however to do that they need funds and a lot of them (for offices, new equipment etc), as it stood before i would of imagined we wouldnt of seen that plan come into action for at least 5 years but since the "mp scandalls" and recession it will be at least 10 and there has been many suggestions of scraping the idea altogether.

just felt there was no way out to be paid by them so closed my account, and due to this problem and the william hill casino, nedplay (although was sorted), and grand mondial (again it was sorted) problems iv decided to quit online gambling for the forseeable future.

the whole concept ideas behind a lot of casinos nowadays makes the "risk" not actually being entirely in the wagering itself but also in the factors like weather they will pay or not? how much will they try to delay/not pay winnings? and how many of them will "force" you to make a deposit by making the bonuses tempting?

the main element of problem for me is the id problem, some would accept the documents i do have, others wont, although it both cases they never say no to my deposits, but once i want to cashout (even at a loss) they ask for all these types of id and some even make excuses to not pay me. Potentially if i had made a deposit and won at 1 of these casinos then id either forfeit winnings and get my deposit back due to not having the correct "i.d" or id lose my money altogether so what use is that?

certianly over the years i see myself as being sucked in and spat out. Think after maybe 5 years or so of gambling online the most i have ever managed to win in at any 1 casino is about 150 (if that) but any wins usually go back in and my overall losses may be 10,000 lol.

nowadays when i do feel like gambling i just think to myself about times like this and decide its not worth it.


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Jun 1, 2007
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if you do send them a photo ID ask them when they will be popping round to your house to verify its you in the picture, even offer to put the kettle on and make them a nice cup of tea with some biscuits:p

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