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Apr 12, 2002
Anyone here ever play at Lucky Emperor? I played there on or about Feb 10. I have been patiently awaiting my modest win since then. Originally I was told a check would be sent. I called there on 1 March and they told me my winnings would be posted to paypal within a couple days instead. (Check never arrived!) I tried to follow up by phone today only to discover that the phone line listed on their site seems to be disconnected! Another phone line I had contacted them on previously rings and no one picks up. The site is still up so I believe they are still in business but the phone business definitely gives one pause to wonder. Any suggestions as to what to do next, other than keep calling and hope someone picks up?
Jyde - I think what happened is that a number of casinos had money locked up at PayPal - and the six-month holding period has expired so they want to clear out those accounts.
I thought it was August... LOL... but either way this is the only good reason I can think of for casinos suddenly wanting to pay out by PayPal.
I doubt that's it. Paypal wouldn't allow it since it would be gambling related transactions.
No - it's not a gambling transaction, since chips aren't being bought. They are making payments only. Which they should be allowed to do in any case if they have funds left in the account.
Hi willisnyc , I played at Lucky Emperor a few months ago and hit a Royal on their free $10.....and I got paid. Once my proof of ID faxed thru so they could see it my money (check) arrived by UPS in a very short time (a matter of a few days)
the number I called to check on it was 1-888-942-7466 and asked for Lei, Lee? sounds like Lee but am unsure of the spelling ....hope this helps you .....their fax is.. 1-800-861-1309 all of these numbers worked for me so hopefully they will work for you too I have since returned and although I haven't won since I do love their casino
Hi Willisnyc

Lucky Emperor is member of the very reliable Casino Rewards Group, powered by Microgaming software and using Proc-Cyber Services to handle their moneymatters. All of these elements is in favor of you getting your money. So my advise to you is "don't give up" e-mail the casino, and eventually Proc-cyber Services and MicroGamming regarding your problem, and I feel certain that you will have have your problem solved.
Good luck Jakasino

Jakasino...have you ever tried to email with Casino Rewards? I`m an affiliate to them, and they owe me some money from December. I think i have send them about 12 emails, without getting an answer...

I know people think about Casino Rewards group, as a very reliable business, and i have allways received my winnings/earnings without problems.

Until now!
Hey Folks,
I am happy to report that my persistence paid off and they finally paid me! I was a little miffed that they stiffed me $25 for cancelling the check that they claimed to have sent and I never received. However I did get the remainder through my old Paypal account. So casinos can at least pay winnings out that way still...something that some folks above may take heart in. Thanks for the support all!

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