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Jun 11, 2003
just got off the phone to lucky emperor who despite signing up to 10x deposit and bonus wagering requirements on the 28th may and cashing out on the 29th insist i have to play to their new terms effective of the 29th may stating a stupid 40x deposit and bonus

the bloke on the phone said people were happy with this!!!! and said there was no way of cashing out the full amount without meeting the new requirements and it was my fault for signing up to a casino that allowed them to change the t&cs at any time

i even mailed them the terms i saved on signing up..... and didnt get a reply!!


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There have been similar reports on WOL.

Don't accept this BS - you are entitled to the T&Cs pertaining at the time of your accepted deposit.

In fairness to the casino, this may be simply an unbriefed or inexperienced CSR. Before slamming them and making subsequent mediation difficult I would suggest insisting that your complaint be escalated to management level, who have more sense and more discretion in terms of making decisions.

Think of this as a contract. The offer is the promo email or site ad that you saw offering the promo. The acceptance is your depositing (and them accepting it) and then wagering in compliance with the T&Cs in force at that time. The contract is completed when the reward is paid - they meet their obligations to you.
they now claim the terms at cash out are the ones that apply

and have now also locked me out of my account
I got Vortran on this one.

Yes, it's true. The terms at cashout are the ones that apply.

It kind of eliminates the need to read T&Cs. You just cashout and whatever applies applies. :wtf:

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Great way to run a casino Lucky Emperor (Not!)

You should stick to the T&C's on offer at sign-up
anything else (IMHO) is rogue behaviour :mad:

What is there to stop them from raising the W/R up
even more to 80x or beyond, or even banning the game you have been playing with the bonus?

Wonder how many potential customers they have lost through pulling this crap :flamemad:

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does that mean i should just take back my deposit meister? what about my winnings over the bonus. The bonus i believe was $100 and my deposit was $100 my balance at the moment is $277, am i allowed the extra if im not allowed the full amount?

i dont know about other countries but in the UK they have broken two 'laws', one regarding false advertisment and the second including a clause saying they can change the terms at any time (which is totally non enforceable)

ukcasinonewbie, they will lose a whole lot more. If i dont get my full amount back im going to make it my business to ensure that every casino forum, website, magazine knows about this. its going to cost them far more than the $177 they're saving by not paying up.
I would hold off right now since I'm trying to get them to see things my way. I may have a chance to meet with them next week as well, so this may take some time.

In the meantime, I would just let the account sit there. Don't screw with it.
I'm still hopeful that someone in a position of sense and responsibility at that casino will see the folly of this sort of ruling, which will sure as hell cost them in lost business as word of it gets out.

This is plain ridiculous.

I would hang ten and see what Bryan can achieve. I cannot believe a serious casino manager would try to implement this sort of rule.
It is surprising considering they recently became part of that Casino Rewards network. I always thought that was a pretty legitimate group.

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