Lucky Emperor applying wagering requirment retroactively


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Apr 20, 2003
Hello. I signed up with 20x bonus and deposit WR. Now they changed it to 40x and wont pay me. I refuse to play because i met the WR with which i signed up. What will be their next step if i wager another 20 times. 60 times? 100 times?

Could someone please resolve this. There are more players that are a victim of this.

they wont answer my emails
This is something that I believe is currently being sorted out. I would hang tight for now and not mess with your account.
thanks brian. youve always been kind to players.

yeah i wont mess, i just leave it alone. one guy tried to wager another 20 times but lost it all.
A resolution is needed urgently to this strange behaviour by a hitherto reliable group.

This stuff has been happening since at least early June and I know that people with contacts at the casino/s have brought it to their attention. We should be seeing some sort of action from them by now, and I suspect they are monitoring the message boards too.

The fact that they are ignoring your emails is inexcusable and simply exacerbates the situation imo.

Let's hope someone there gets his or her brain into gear and thinks these rulings through more carefully.
Its a sad day when the casino rewards group is performing such suspect practices. These guys were at the forefront of the gaming industry for quite some time, thats why employing such rogue tactics is alarming and disheartening. If casino rewards group is turning shady that really doesnt say much for the industry as a whole. Hopefully the situation will be resolved in order to instill some faith in the online gaming industry.
Casino Rewards has now changed the wagering to 7 times, 15 times for bj and vp. Im thinking they werent getting too many deposits with the 40 times rule. Why cant they just keep the wagering req stable in order to avert all these negative posts. Poor management I guess.
The important issue here is whether they have changed the iniquitous rule that players are subject to the T&Cs IN FORCE AT THE TIME OF CASHOUT.

That is grossly prejudicial to players and is both dishonest and unfair.

If a player is made an offer and deposits and wagers, then the T&Cs in force at that time are the ones he or she agrees to - not new rules applied at cashout.
That is not just unbelievable, but also against every rule of contract law in probably every civilized country. You can't just change the terms of a contract retroactively after you've entered into the agreement.

The casino made an offer (the bonus) with certain terms (wagering requirements), the player accepted the offer (by depositing and risking his funds) and now the casino has to fulfill its end of the contract or the contract is null & void and they have to refund the deposits.
Not too sure I like this part of your post, jpm "...or the contract is null & void and they have to refund the deposits."

IMO the casino has a duty to pay out all the rewards they implicitly agreed to in making the offer in the first place.

If the above were to be applied (and it has been by unscrupulous operators in the past) then to get out of paying winnings and even bonuses the operator could simply default and return the original deposit. The player is still prejudiced.
True enough jetset, they would be breaching the contract if they either defaulted on paying you once you finished the wagering requirements as stated when you entered into the contract, or if they changed the terms on you after you started playing. I should have worded that a bit more clearly. They definately have a responsibility to pay out what they offered though.

What I meant I guess was that if I were a player, those would be the only two options that I'd accept, with the last option being the least acceptable. But I certainly would not agree with increased wagering requirements after I already finished the initial wagering.
is there any activity here lately

i've had no reply to emails and my account locked so i cant even play the the improved 15x wagering requirements

40x was a joke 15x isnt as good as the 10x it was but they've had my $277 for over a month now and im losing patience

Casino Trade just sent me an email offering a $110.00 bonus for a $100 deposit at Lucky Emperor. Being the kind of guy who jumps at these kinds of offers, normally I'd be registering and depositing right now instead of writing on this forum.

I don't think it is responsible to keep giving business to concerns that operate questionably. Because of my belief, I won't be depositing at Lucky Emperor until I see posted evidence that they've put their house in order and are operating in an ethical and honest manner. Our sole leverage with these online casinos is the ability to withhold our patronage from those who fail to adhere to an acceptable method of operation.
Jhartz, I would agree with pretty much everything you said in your post, with the exception of giving Lucky Emperor a second chance after you've seen posted evidence that their house in order.

In my opinion, once a Casino is known to cheat or otherwise defraud a customer there should'nt be a second chance period. Have a good one.
agreed :)

although still not replying to my emails and banning me from the casino hasnt helped.

is anything progressing here? i've had no luck contacting them and have $277 in there of which $100 is my own! :(
their at it again

My 1st post so hi all,I have pitched a bitch with bryan on this problem but thought it worth mentioning here.Ok in april 03 I joined the casino rewards group playing at g/tiger,L/emperor.Took the sign up bonuses and fully fullfilled the T&Cs at the time,cashed in and received payment :) .Decided to make a couple of deposits in g/tiger,L,emperor in feb 04 no bonus asked for or credited.Now when I try to cashin they say because the T&Cs have changed I need to go back to april 03 and complete the wagering for the T&Cs that are in force now, :eek:.Just one word sums that up for me scandalous.
The Casino Rewards group are not reputable any more. I would have recommended you contact got2bet as he is advertising them for some reason (no wonder he makes more profit with them if they do stuff like this) but I don't think he handles disputes any more for players not going through his links!

You should realise that almost all players lose when they first sign up for a casino (I didn't expect this to be true but I have my own affiliate stats now). Since you won initially, they probably regard you as some sort of bonus abuser! Some casino groups are like that.

I don't know if this is true but it sounds like something they would do and just proves what a hopeless case they are.
It just beggars believe that they could implement such an underhand move.For example I buy a tin of beans at 50c ,a year later I return but the beans are now $1.50 but to make up the difference they charge me $2,50 :what:.How sad is that,hang your sorry heads in shame casino rewards.Thanks sirius for your advice.
got2bet as he is advertising them for some reason (no wonder he makes more profit with them if they do stuff like this)
Cut the bullshit, Sirius. I already warned you once - mind your own business. If I want to assist with a complaint I'll do so on my own dime, thank you.

I may not handle individual disputes if the players are not signing up through me but I can still complain and take action if I don't feel the operator is doing the right thing.

So, for the last time, please speak for yourself.
Sirius, sniping at Got2Bet here and elsewhere is not helping the screwed players and I wish you would give it rest already.

If a player is made an offer and deposits and wagers, then the T&Cs in force at that time are the ones he or she agrees to - not new rules applied at cashout. I've drawn the attention of the right people to this thread in the hope that this is a Support/Admin screwup (not an unusual event!) rather than something malicious and underhand.

These are well established and successful casinos and Bryan also has good contacts with Rewards, so I'm sure this can be sorted out.
Thanks jetset,for pointing the right people to this thread I hope this is some sort of admin error.The phone conversation I had with them was very matter of fact that they will make me redo the wagering on a bonus I received a year ago in which I fully complied with the terms in force at the time.I`m ever hopeful this will be resolved fairly,Regards
Don't worry, they will obviously back down and sort this out as they can't defend their position on this. The thread you brought up shows what they did last year and they obviously didn't learn from their mistakes. It is probably part of their policy/culture to do this.

I thought they had resolved the situation from last year but it looks like they haven't at all and they are still applying the terms retroactively. Of course, many players were defrauded last year in this way because it took so long for any resolution and many didn't know how to do anything about it. A very high proportion of players don't win when they first sign up so the casinos were obviously trying to get back at the bonus hunters.

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