Lucky Creek - Kudos


Dormant account
I saw some posts awhile back about Lucky Creek that were not too favorable. I just think when something is good it should be celebrated so here goes. I played the 100 free on Lucky Creek. It had a 4000 playthrough which amazingly, I was able to do. I cashed out their maximum of 500 bucks. It was in my bank account in a week. They were professional, prompt, and very straightforward on their info. Altho they have a limited amount of games, I found it refreshing just to have something a little different. Being American we don't get much variety! So, thanks "Lucky" Creek!



Dormant account
Can I get a witness?

You have a witness. Amen and you said it! and count me in that feeling. sister! I really enjoy good priviate gaming and here it is ! Mamie