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Aug 10, 2005
About a month ago I hit a Royal flush which pays $4000.00. I followed all of thier instructions and faxed over all bank info and drivers license. I always used firepay to fund my play and wanted the withdraw put back into my firepay account. I waited and waited and never heard anything so I started calling. No one there knew why there was a problem. They told me that all the paperwork I faxed over was in order so that was not a problem. The other day I went to my account and now it's says "Manager withdraw accepted, so I figured they have OK'ed everything and I would see it in my account. NO!!! So, I called today and the guy said that the manager has taken away all of my winnings except for what I had started with and all he could tell me is that I had money in my account when this hit happened. Now, like I said this happened close to a month ago so I can't remember if this is true or not. I am always very careful to follow all of their terms and conditions. Also, on their site there really is no where you can go and print your winning screen shot or even find out your game history. Does anyone have any ideas that I could do or any words of wisdom. I think I have really been turned off about online gambling. I'm going to give it up. Thanks for your help.
Did you take a bonus when you deposited and hit the royal flush?

If so, and you had money in your account when you deposited again, they may be able to void your winnings. Many RTG's state that you must have a zero balance before using another coupon code.

Then again, Lucky Coin isn't exactly the best RTG site to play at either.
I think this an Oliver Curran joint?
Ginnysue had already PABd which was submitted to the casino and dealt with. Apparently, they are implementing their terms and conditions to her issue. *could you be more specific in what they told you. At first it was the Firepay issue - I was unaware of this T&C thing.

If you are still dissatisfied, I would suggest contacting Montana disputes. But again, if whatever they are doing is covered in their terms and conditions, there is not much that you can do.
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oh man

Is this one of those cases were you make a deposit and get a bonus but had like .50 cents already in your account:confused: Because if so can't they just void it all:eek: I believe this might of happened to me a long, long time ago. And a few others I know of. I was mad as hell but had to deal with it because I believe it was indeed in their terms and conditions. Ouch this would suck! Hope it's not the case and you get paid. 4K is a lot of cash....And if Lucky Coin is a Curran joint:eek: May God be with you....

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