lucky club does not honor b-day chip.


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Feb 23, 2007
o.k yesterday was my b-day and as you all know casinos send you free bonus.

i got one from all the ones i play at and from lucky club.

well i went to redeem the one for lucky club( it was for $10) and it would not let me so i went to live chat to find out why i could,nt use it.

and this is what i was told.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Monelle'

Monelle: Welcome to our live chat service. How may I help you today?

kauphy: hi yesterday was my b-day and they sent me a code for a b-day bonus i tryed to use it today and it won,t let me. can you help?

kauphy: LCBDAY1210

Monelle: am sorry you will not be able to claim this bonus as you have not played enough in the casino to be in the right player class

kauphy: then why did they send it to me for my b-day?

Monelle: our apologies

Monelle: you need to create a longer history with the casino to claim the bonus

kauphy: then why was it sent to me?

kauphy: you could at least honor it?

so i have,nt played enough but they would not tell me why it was sent to me if i could not use it.

its not a big deal as it was only $10 but its the point behind it why send it to me and then tell me i can,t use it.

i just wanted to get some input on this am i wrong to think that if they sent it to me they should have honored it?


they have put the bonus in thanks to alex.


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Apr 18, 2009
Of course it's silly to not honoring it if they sent it to you:eek2:

On the other side I'm not surprised at all because that group have changed a lot this last year, for the worse.
They changed the payout time. They started to bonus ban people, and instead of all those snailmails with free chips, it was a lot of snailmails with a deposit bonus instead.

They might have been able to afford to honor that birthday chip, if they started sending only emails like most other casinos do.

I hope you had a great birthday anyway kauphy:)

Edit: Did you get it now because of you posting here?


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Feb 14, 2007
They should have researched the fact that you were not the correct 'player class' before sending you the chip.

This could be classified as 'Bait and Switch' in the sense of - 'Hey HAPPY Birthday, Here's a chip for you' - When the player arrives, they are told they are not playing enough and denied the chip. Support can even then stipulate that you must deposit and then claim the chip.

IMPO IF they feel that you have not played enough, then they should have adjusted their selection of who gets BDay chips and just not distribute them without any intention of honouring them.

BTW - Happy Belated Birthday!!



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Oct 14, 2004
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Poor behaviour from the group. It's only a $10 chip for goodness sake and with a likely wr of 60x.

If they are so hard up they have to look bad rather than "eat" their mistake and honour a measly $10 chip, they must be too hard up to pay too many players too many withdrawals at once, so they will have to use "cashflow management strategies", which to players means stalling withdrawals with BS excuses.

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