Bonus Complaint Lucky Club Сasino canceled my winnings


Dormant account
Jun 15, 2016
Hello. I had a conflict situation with the lucky club casino. The situation is as follows. About two months ago, I joined the lucky club casino and activate the no Deposit bonus. When you register and activate the no Deposit bonus Ukraine this casino was not in the list of banned countries. But when I fulfilled the wagering requirements and was engaged in verification of the account, to be able to withdraw your winnings, casinos have added Ukraine to the list of banned countries. And now the casino refuses to pay me the money, citing this paragraph. But this bonus I activated, when Ukraine was not in the list of banned countries, and I believe that the casino is acting unjustly towards me, depriving me of a fair win. Help me please to solve this situation.


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004

I have received your PAB of 10th July and am proceeding with it now.

Please be sure that you have you read and understood the PAB FAQ (see
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) The FAQ tells you the scope of our service, what you can expect from us and -- also very important -- what we expect from you. If you don't understand and/or cooperate with the PAB process then your PAB will very likely fail. So please ensure you have read the FAQ. Thank you for your cooperation.