Lucky Balls Bingo?

echo said:
Isn't that the Bingohall run by the dead guy. THis place gives out alot of bonuses more than most deposit.

Lucky Balls run by a dead guy?

This is getting funner and funner!

Never heard of them.
dead guy that is so funny!!!!! I sometimes think they all run by dead people.

I have never played there. From the boards i frequent it is 50/50. Some grumble about not getting paid and some love playing there. Just like all bingo sites. I feel you should just login and watch ratios of players/pots and also carefully watch if the same winners win constently. That throws up red flags for me, cause no one is so lucky to win 24/7 365 days a year. I know that you can get on a lucky streak, but they never last long!........i should be so lucky!!!!!!!!!
Hey there T, to answer you about LBB, aside from the software being one of the worst I have ever seen (constant booting and poor graphics ) its a commonly known fact that all the Chat Hosts play in LBB. The wagering requirements are outlandish and very hard to achieve. If you go in and open an account you will see that the games are less than impressive, and most often a new player that is there playing on their "free" money will usually win one of the jackpot games because there is virtually no way of cashing it out. Every forum I have found has big complaints about LBB. The playthrough are very hard for the average player to understand and I would strongly advise players to just simply avoid that site. But, this is my opinion! :rolleyes:

lucky balls lol

ive signed up there and they give u "real money" but u cannot cash out on it or u cannot cash out on the winnings so to me its only "real money" to them and they can keep it lmao..... it does have a pay area but im not interested in doing business with a place that lies from the beginning.
Hi Some1Somewhere

Hi Some1Somewhere ( My Darling) thanks for the feedback

At the start of this afew people asked me about this bingo and I had no clue about it. But they have joined PartyBingo from me and they love it.One of them won in a months time $1100.00
So I would say this Lucky Balls Bingo has dead balls.

(echo Quote) Isn't that the Bingohall run by the dead guy. THis place gives out alot of bonuses more than most deposit.

Has No Balls No More:lolup:

I personally would not play anywhere where the house keeps a whopping 50% of all monies! In the lucky out house; cards cost 2 bucks and the house keeps a buck from every player. YUCK!
I got the free $ about a year ago.. ended up winning a $400 coverall.. which of course, was non-cashable. Most of the $ is still in my account. I don't enjoy the software at all, and really only went back when I was *really* bored... I make a point to not get that bored anymore.. lol.. I found it rather unimpressive.

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