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Feb 13, 2023
I've recently played on a N1 casino, and ran up a large balance. I've encountered an issue with the withdrawal limit being a fixed amount weekly, which will take 5 weeks in my case to withdraw it all. I assumed with my wagering amounts that I'd be well entitled to have larger withdrawals, but found out later that it only applies to slots which I played little of so I'm not considered "VIP".

Is there anyway this can be helped? It's really deterring me from wanting to play. If I need to wait 4-5 weeks already, theres like no point technically as if I win more, I have to wait even longer to get it.

I didn't want to raise a complaint as that's not fair, just looking for advice.

Thank you
Set a wager limit of $1 until it's all withdrawn, and play somewhere else in the future if they're not willing to increase the withdrawal limit. Plenty of casinos have higher limits, and if you're playing at N1 I'd try Bitstarz or Winz instead as they have much higher limits.
I'd take great pleasure in making the withdrawals in whatever limit they set, without once playing there again (and closing my account once I've cleared the balance).
They set these limits, as others have said, to entice you into continuing to play and - hopefully for them - lose. This is the one time you have total power over the casino; all you have to do is show a little patience and beat them. Then vote with your wallet and play elsehwere.
if I was starting off zero again, deposited, I'd just play up to the max withdrawal limit and call it there if I get there. Definitely a good casino but no being understanding in this case is a bit dissapointing. Doing bets bigger than the withdrawal limit but can't have my limit raised...not the best.

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