Low rolling Swede says hi!


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Jan 19, 2021
Hi there!

I find this whole gambling industry very interesting and have been lurking here for about a month. It is a roller coaster of feelings browsing here. One moment you are happy for someone's huge win, the next moment you feel with a person sharing his/her devastating story. You can get angry because there are not so serious casinos simply stealing people's money. The next second you laugh at some random hilarious comment. It is a plethora of information and experience around here, that's for sure, and getting an insight into the industry is very interesting with interactions between casino owners, developers, gamblers and everything between.

I am a low roller myself, and can't afford to lose more than what it should've cost to go to the pub on a Friday night. Of course, it won't bring any big wins, but just getting the excitement from a 300x win, even on low bets, is good enough for me. It will soon be lost anyway, as it is so hard to stop spinning while there are coins left in the bankroll. I might not have that much to contribute with that is not already done many times better already, but here I am and reading every thread with big interest.

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