Lousy customer service at silver sands casino


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Sep 26, 2004
This casino is really lousy. Several years ago,I registered an account at their casino. On my first deposit,I realised that the currency used at this casino was South African Rands(R). Nevertheless,I made a deposit with my credit card and played. Subsequently,I made another deposit and lost them all without cashing in anything. Now,a couple of weeks ago,I was sent a promotion from them that if I logged into my account on Christmas Day,I would get a no-deposit bonus of R100. Fine,a good opportunity to recoup some of my losses. I logged into my account several times but the deposit was still not there. I then contacted their customer support asking why no bonus was given. Some time later,I tried to log into my account to find it locked. I was also sent a mail telling me that the promotion was for South African players only and only they would be eligible to have rand accounts. Since I am not from South Africa,I cannot have a rand account and so the account is locked with immediate effect. On questioning,they replied nearly a week later,that I received the promtion as I was still on their list but now I have been removed and will no longer receive them. They did not apologise for locking my account nor did they say they will re-open a dollar account for me. If they didnt allow non-south african players to play at their rand casino,why allow me to play and deposit. If their policy has changed,why dont they inform the players? Locking accounts in this manner is totally unacceptable. I would advise other would be players to tread with caution on this one. Its an RTG casino,by the way.
I might be able to help if you can give me your Silver Sands user-name, ChuChu59 - PM me if you wish.

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