Lost $100,000 @ bj to CASINO-ON-NET in less than a year

So sorry Jazzter, I got more luckier - only 2,000$ lost within 2 months.
I heard this is an unbeatable house.
I'll be back there soon to dig my 2K out.
Experts' comment is appreciated.
Hello Jazzter,bj is not a game to play unless you have a group where you are in control..If there are other players,they may simply hit for cards and it usually ends with the house having very high points.Bacarrat is a better game but the best money maker is roulette.
At the online casinos the house is almost always getting good cards.
Your losses accumulated because you have been trying to win back what you had lost.
You need Luck-you have to believe it.
al102, I would advice you to try to winwhatever you can and if you lose back a quarter of what you are winning ,quit playing.Take a break ,try again later.
I believe posting works. If I had known about this website and read your post, it would have made a big difference; my losses $50,000 in about 7 months. Thanks for posting the info. It's just my opinion, but I don't believe their games are random. I can count on one hand how many times I was "up" rather than just trying to get even. Lost $9,700 in one BJ session. Can't even tell you how many BJ's, 21's and 20's they had but just about every hand.
They are own by greedy People out of Isreal what do you expect?
I disagree. I cashed out $3000.00 and spent about 1000.00 on blackjack at Casino On The Net.
The game was random no doubt. I noticed I had winning streaks and the house had winning streaks on blackjack
I think Casino-on-net software is Random and is pretty good but their payout is very slow only after 5 business days they review your payout...

On Casino1x2.com I like it you can cashout 24 hours a day using Western Union even if you deposited via credit card.

If you cashout more than $500 its free of charge.

I like it alot I just cashed out $1600 got it on the spot.

I also like the sands casino out of Antigua they are very solid as well.
LOL Proplayer. You are making it too obvious.

Once again, stay far away from Casino1x2 and their sister sites Yahoops and Internet1x2.
I have noticed late at night I have great luck at blackjack. During the daytime I get slammed. Today I had one round were I had 5 wins and 28 loses. Time to move on. At least I broke even at this place overall.
casinoman read my previous post on CON. Am glad you notice the same thing also
At first I liked Casino Fortune. Now I do not.
No matter what I play I can't win. I closed the account because the games seemed like they mysteriously changed for the worse. Maybe because I had those cashouts for 3,000.00 and 5,000.00
playing blackjack. I played and lost it all playing during the daytime. Guess when I won all that money? Late at night. I learned a lesson here. My advice is..... when in doubt punt.

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