Loss cashback offer: your opinion?


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Oct 12, 2006
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Hey folks,
Let's say you open a casino account, deposit US$800 over 2 days via money bookers, play video poker but still lose your deposits.
Then you contact player support, you're upset about the lousy odds (well, actually your results) and surprisingly, they offer you 10% back. The next day, you login in and see a free $80 bonus.
Would you continue playing there (as long as it's also accredited), or would you try your luck elsewhere?
If it was an MG, Crypto, Playtech or Wagerworks and maybe even Chartwell I'd definately continue playing. If it was an RTG I'd probably work out the paytable first as they can vary.
As this was effectively a 'good will' gesture from the casino - I would probably play on there.
After all, 10% of such a huge loss is not really much worth worrying about.

As to partial 'loss-back' offers in general (one's where you know in advance you will get a % of your losses back if you lose) - I never touch them.
Seems pointless - it's like admitting defeat before you even start! :eek2:

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