Yes spend time with your kids, much better.

And please go to a GamblersAnonymous office, i am sure there is one in your country. That is the most promising next step for you. They will assist and support you to get your life back on track. Search here:
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If not look in your Yellow Pages, i am sure there is some support group in your area.

I wish you sincerely all the best for your future. :thumbsup:
what gets someone to the idea to... sign up at a gambling forum and ... ask for donations to cover losses...


totally weird.

reallife comedy.

desperate times, desperate measures.... me thinking :oops:

But concur with Dunover... throwing money at a gambler is just making it worse, only extends the time until he starts turning his life around.
It still smacks of BS to me, sorry. It's just an elaborate sob-story that has achieved what it was meant to do, and I see that it's already won a couple of people over.

I wouldn't hand them a penny, what a complete farce :mad:

He has in no way won me over. I told him what i would to any gambler asking me desperately for money.

There is always a slight chance that the story is true, hence my recommendations and advice what he should do next. :)
I have read this thread from the start to date and time. Harry,Dunover,goatwack, all great and sound voice's in this forum. I agree that giving this nudge any money at all is a HUGE mistake and I know from my own exp. with all of you. That you are all much to smart to fall for this line of crap.

OP you have dug this hole and we are not the cure.You alone must decide to STOP gambling. This is a forum of very opinionated player;s and long time winner's and loser's. I have lost too much over the many year's I have played online and I have been in a bad way many many time's.

But to beg a relief from us is wrong and unsound.Your addiction has led you here and it must lead you to a GA meeting A.S.A.P. This is my advise and I believe all other's involved in this sad thread will agree with that.

Harry is right destroy all cards and methods to support your play and do it NOW! And save this marriage and kid's you profess to love so very much and give them the time you have given to gambling.
Your life will fall back into place as soon as you realize that this is the end. Stop it now and LIVE!

Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff


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this sounds a bit depressing... for anyone to put yourself in a terrible mess. but asking for monetary support gives readers mixed reviews on this...work with the pieces you have left and start over. and let this be a damn lesson to anyone..

Money isn't real...
Although he is from europe, I'm surprised nobody has told him to rip up all if his documentation / ID, get to calais and hitch a ride on a lorry to the UK. Once inside, just claim asylum as a child! The morons in the home office will believe it, and he'll have his 32k in no time!
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