Loot Casino = Grand Mondial


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Jan 29, 2009
recently I received emails on two of my email accounts that promoted a certain "Loot"-Casino saying your 2,500$ are ready, to collect use this link. the sender was "Michele hewitt" <list_support@atfirstdomain.com>.

I thought lets check this casino out and I clicked on the link and then I was taken to the site "casino-loot.com". on that site it said that casino Loot is powered by Grand Mondial. I thought cool, a new Microgaming casino, I will register. so I created an account but surprise surprise, what did I see then? when I logged into the casino, it was not Loot casino but it was Grand Mondial casino so I was fooled. I received a welcome email from Grand Mondial then saying I can claim their freeplay bonus. however, I had signed up at Grand Mondial a long time ago so this was my second account there. so I emailed them and asked them to shut down this new account and they did that. I asked them to do something about this dirty trick by an affiliate and they replied they will tell this affiliate to stop doing that and hopefully they will do so.

at the bottom of that email that promoted "Loot"-casino it said:
"This message was sent from MyCasinoLuck
It was sent from Marketrated, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N, ENGLAND
You can modify/update your subscription via this link."

I am used to getting a lot of spam emails but using a fake casino name to make players register at a casino is really dirty. :mad:
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Feb 14, 2007
Some affiliates are beyond dirty... lol ...

It's strange that when you sign up at a new casino and start making deposits at other casinos that your inbox has an influx of NEW spamsters... All casino offers that mysteriously pop up given your recent activity.

Well, glad you picked it up..



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Oct 11, 2010
South Africa
Hi Gamblingmace

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jorge and I’m part of the affiliate team at PlayShare Partners. Grand Mondial is one of our casinos so I’m quite concern although not surprised about your finding.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the information and encourage any affiliate, webmaster, player or anyone in the industry to let us know if you come across situations like this as unfortunately is quite difficult for us to find some of this unethical activities from affiliates that definitely know about their duties and guidelines but choose to go against the terms and conditions signed once they join our program.

I would like to take this further and request your help: I just need to know your account number with us here at Grand Mondial so I can find the account created from the mail you received. From there I can trace the tag and finally the affiliate behind this. It will be truly appreciated if you can write me to jorge@playsharepartners.com to proceed with the mentioned.

Again we thank you for your help in this matter and also assure you that we are going to do anything within our power to stop these actions.
Warm regards

Jorge Silva
Affiliate Team
PlayShare Partners

Phone: +27 21 442 9869
Mobile: +27 71 677 7337
E-mail & MSN: jorge@playsharepartners.com


Sep 28, 2010
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There is a simple but highly affective way to discover which casinos are selling your e-mail address, when registering with them mispell your name slightly, I usually add a 2nd y to my name, when the spam mails come tumbling in with dear Royy I know exactly who done it ;).