Looks like NETeller screwed us all


Dormant account
Sep 25, 2006
NETeller has been "down" all day. All contact information pages no longer exist.

My theory: They gave us the B.S. of 75 days (remember the June 4th date ???), to keep us quiet, while they planned their bankruptcy course of action. When bankruptcy looked bleak, they decided to pull the plug altogether.

I can kiss my $ 3K good-bye, but Uncle Sam will certainly pay for this during tax time.
So they've been down all day, I make my post, and voila ! The site is up again.

Still, I have no confidence that we'll ever see our money again. Like I said, Uncle Sam will pay either way.
hmm. I never had any trouble with them (i live in germany). received a 8000 wire today.
No signs for a bankrupcy to be seen.
But i can understand that you - being a US player - are a liitle bit nervous.
Wish you all the best - and especially: Your money!

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