Looking for Video Poker with Double Up options ( please read post )


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Jul 24, 2016
I live in Surrey, BC - originally from Mumbai, India where I was born and grew up till about 25. Back in the 90's there used to be underground video poker parlors ( since gambling is illegal ) and the machines I had played on vary a lot of the ones here in North America

for eg.,

Google helped me as it seems they are still there


So both these are regular Jacks or better poker machines, some with or without joker and the one on the right is the strip version

I am specifically looking for the one on the left becasue the double up option is completely different form what we see here

So if you win a bin and hit double
You have options
  • Big ( Higher Card then 7) - X 2 times
  • Small ( Lower Card than 7 ) - X 2 times
  • ( 7 ) - X 4 times
  • Option- Half take ( you collect half of winning, and keep doubling with the rest )

On one fine night, I won 8 credits from a 2 pair ( with a bet of 4 ) I doubled my way up to 8908 credits - it was a never seen scenario as I locked the machine and the owner didn't have enough money to pay me :)

The strip one is similar however but with no half take options, but if you double successfully 4-5 hands continuously, then it shows the next card ( in other words it reveals the double up win card so all you gotta is it BIG or SMALL, so its a free win ) - as the game suggest, once she is complete off her clothes you get a big jackpot

The double option here in North America is so bad, you hit gamble and it shows a single card like 9 for eg., and you have 4 cards to pick from, and it has to be higher than 9 else you lose it, so if its K or A there is very less chance

My whole idea of poker is doubling, infact I still hold a record since 2006 ( the top 2 are me ) - Old / Expired Link :lolup:

I am not sure where these are made? are they from Asia but I am hoping someone knows where I can play those Indian style poker, Online or in Casino? and I was even looking on the web to buy a machine for home use

Any help or idea is appreciated

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