Looking for specific casinos...anyone?


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Sep 7, 2005
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I hope Im not looking for a needle in a haystack...

I've been at 888.com,starluck,planetluck,casino del Rio, Tropez,bethedealer, Intercasino and William Hill Casino.

Does anyone know any other casinos with non-sticky bonuses that allow blackjack, and with reasonable wagering requirements (up to 30x)... ?

I would appreciate your help . Thank you very much :cool:
prestige casino, super vegas and bet365 (both realy nice), bowmans... and many many more ;)
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harrods casino,netentertainment casinos(euro,cherry,domain,speedbet:all have monthly bonuses with low wagering requirements..they allow blackjack,they are not sticky bonus,they pay in same day,they have high payout ratio)
tantalos said:
Is this group trustworthy?This wagering requirement seems suspicious... :eek2:

Lets put it like this, you can see MR VICTOR CHANDLER at the races in the winter in the UK. Also, his family own Walthamstow Stadium in London and about 40 UK betting offices so yes

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