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I'm new to online gaming and I'm a little nervous about trying it. How do I know the "practice" software I'm playing on is the same program that I'll be using for the real money games? Do these online casinos have the coding set to let you win a lot if you're just "playing for fun" to lure you in to the realm of playing for real money? Then once they have your credit card number and some real cash from you will they pull the rug out from under you and empty your account?

I'm also looking for anyone's opinion of the "Gold Nugget Casino" at 24ktgoldcasino.com. Does anyone have any experience with these guys? I love their Roulette game because it's so flexible and let's me choose the settings, but I want to know about their integrity before I give 'em any of my money. I asked them what software they used and was told they have "their own". Hmmmm... is this a good thing? Should I trust their software? If I'm making a killing "playing for fun" will that translate into the same thing when I'm playing for real cash?

Thanks for anyone's input here!

~ D
Whoa! Last time I looked Golden Nugget was part of the infamous Golden Palace (Boomerang or whatever they call themselves now) group of casinos.

They were Microgaming-powered at the time of all the unpleasantness but they eventually went their own way, allegedly with proprietary software.

I would recommend that you check out the archives here, at Winneronline and at Gambling Grumbles - you'll find plenty of reading material on Golden Palace and its 15 or 16 consorts.

Be careful.
Thanks for the input! Is there anyway I can search these message boards to find comments regarding Golden Nugget? Do you know of the titles of any threads on here or at winneronline that I can read? It's just that there's hundreds of threads and I'm too dang lazy to read ALL of 'em to find what I'm after.

Thanks a million for the direction here! You may have saved my ass! :)

~ D
Hi aaronzdad,

If you want to do a search here, merely click on the "Keyword search" link in the left hand column (frame). There isn't too much about Golden Nugget in this forum, and you'll find that there isn't much said about "Golden Palace" here either. The reason for this is NOT that they weren't worthy of discussion, but last winter serious threats were made to members of this forum who voiced their opinions against Golden Palace.

In an unprecedented move, I removed all postings from the forum to protect my visitors' privacy. Nevertheless, I have copies of all these postings if you or anyone else wishes to see them.

I would recommend NOT to play at this casino if it still has ties to the Golden Palace. This is based solely on its dubious history.

Read the section in the forum "Things To Do Before You Gamble Online" -- good advice. Also the casinos that are listed here at Casinomeister are really the safest bet. Some of the casinos have been listed here for nearly three years without a complaint yet. AS for the question whether or not the play for fun/real functions differently, I have not noticed any difference; I lose the same either way :)

Thanks for the input! One thing though, the casino I'm talking about is Gold Nugget Casino, not the GoldEN nugget. I dunno if that makes any difference or not. They're probably the same place huh?

Thanks again!

~ D
Well dammitall. That's too bad because I have yet to find a roulette game as easy to use as theirs.

Any suggestions on finding a user-friendly roulette wheel? One that lets me play a super-fast game with quick and easy chip changes?

Thanks a million!

~ D
Thanks David but I've already tried Captain Cook's. It's ok but it's just the same as all the other Microgaming websites; too slow and the chip control is way too clumsy.

I did happen to find a pretty good roulette game though. I'm playing the Global Player casino and so far I really like what I'm seeing. They seem to have a pretty good rep from what I've been able to glean on these message boards and their roulette game is easy to use and instant-like fast which is important to me.

Thanks for everyone's input!

~ D
The best multiplayer french roulette is at Global Player Casino (www.global-player.com)

But it's better to play in real land casino :)

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