Looking for Press Release, articles, news, jokes (no casino advert please)


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Dec 26, 2001
We are seeking for any relevant and interesting press release, news, articles, (or even plain old jokes) relating to your online gaming portal(s), or company or product/services to be publish FREE OF CHARGE at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) - Asia First Gambling Portal

Kindly send your articles, news and press release for approval and publication .

Email: webmaster@jackpots.com.sg

Thank you for your attention.
Timothy Chan
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Hey Timothy!

Where have you been lately? How's business treating you?

As for press releases, each major provider would be pleased to offer these. You can obtain these by visiting their websites and check out their contact pages.

Hey Bryan,

Well business have been good and bad. First the bad news, I've to close my dot com venture (now dot gone) .... well no risk no gain. Anyway I learned a lot, this venture is what that have kept me busy and kept me away from Casinomeister for the past 2 years :-(

The good news is , now that I've more time , I re-do up my web sites, closed down Showhand.com/showhand.net and focus my attention on Jackpots.com.sg

Well this is just my pet project ( like a hobby) anyway, so no hurry , no rush .... great to see that your sites have grown so well and great depth in content ..... I'll vote it THE BEST OF ALL ONLINE GAMING PORTALS.... KEEP IT UP BRYAN.... where's my beer ?????

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