looking for Pokerworld review/advice


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Dec 26, 2007
I have lost money on Topspeed poker and Jetset poker when they both shut down. And now I would just like to get everyone's advice about how safe having money on Pokerworld is. It is a small site with not a lot of traffic. I'm not sure where they are licensed - I couldn't find it on their website and live support didn't understand what I was asking. They do claim that the sports betting site The Greek is backing them on their website. The Greek is gets an A+ review at SBR. If true that is comforting.

So anyone know where pokerworld is licensed? Also anyone have an opinion on how safe money deposited on pokerworld is?


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Poker World is on the Gold Chip Network aka Dobrosoft. If you wanted to play on that network they are the only way to go IMO. They are owned by TheGreek (Olympic Sportsbook) and as you say get an A+ from SBR. They are as top of the line as it gets. If you're able to get money off and on their site easily then you should have no other problems.

I'm not sure where they are licensed but I thought they were located in Jamaica although I'm not positive. I would have to mention that there is no other site on that network I would play on but that doesn't change how safe PW is.

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