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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
I am looking for casinos that have different games than all the regular casinos that we are all use to(ie..Royal Vegas , All Slots, etc.) Mostly casinos like Super Slot, Starluck Casino casinos with good reputations like Lasseters. The three I named, I play them all the time, and now I am looking for some new casinos to play at. (new blood) If anyone know of good reputable casinos that meet the critiria, that pays on time or pay at all, please drop me a line.
*Please do not include any casinos affliated with virtual casino, even though there are about 20 of them running around under different names.
Hi Babysister,

I like a little variety myself sometimes. Have you tried any of the cryptologic casinos (Intercasino, william hill, etc)? They're pretty good for table games & slots, their video pokers are kinda boring though. They have monthly tournaments as well for some games. And they definately pay promptly.

Another good group is the gambling federation casinos, Gambling Online casino and Pink Lady casino. They have some real fun 9 line slots (for as low as 5 cents a line!) and up to 10 hand video poker. Their bj isn't bad either, its multihand (but it can be streaky) for $1 minimum/hand. They are very friendly, have weekly bonuses (10% every tuesday, and usually at least that much on weekends), and most importantly they pay quickly!

Good luck!

I love playing all the gambling federation games(Poker time Casino,Pure Slots,Pink Lady, Video Poker). And you are right, their customer service is top notched. Every week you get a bonus for the previous week payout. Only thing, all their casinos have all the same games and you can only sign up at one casino in the bunch. As for as intercasino, I can't download their casino for some reason. I wrote to them and they never wrote back, so I forgot about them. I play a lot at Lassetters, but can never seem to win anything there. I just won $1500 again at Starluck, so I will have to give them a rest before I start up a winning streak again. I have never tried William Hill. I'll give them a look today and see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the advise and happy holidays!
After I lost my $100-initial deposit to their BJ, I requested them for my 20 % bonus i.e. $20- as they promised on their web site.

Three e-mails mailed to them, no answer, no explanation and finally they solved my problem by closing my account. Easy !!!! Uhhh !!!!

Can you proof this, Starluck Casino ???
Will you tell people that this is not true. ???


When you are skinning your customers you should leave some skin on to grow again so that you can skin them again

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