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Nov 24, 2004
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Can anybody tell me which Casino is Honest with their Slots just like a normal land casino?
I find that everytime I play a slot machine on these internet sites, it's always the same slot machine they gave me last time because the reels are lined up in the same order every time I go back. I like changing machines to increase my luck at a land casino.
These internet casinos always give me the SAME SLot Machine every day unless I play a different game. How can I tell it's the same machine? Well, the slot reels are always in the same position which I left it last time after exiting that particular casino. Take a picture of it before you leave and then log out and then log in again and it's the Same Machine as last time. IS it their way to keep us from winning as much? Does Anybody have any information to share on this? It would be appreciated. Thanks.
All Microgaming casinos restore the last spin of the reels (or last deal of the cards, etc.) as standard practice. There is no such thing as a different "machine" - each play is delivered by a random number generator and is not affected by any previous or future play.
On certain RTG slots, you can play a whole bank of up to 20 machines at the same time. Each one you will see is totally random from the other one.

Some machines hit better than others. You just have to hunt for that magic slot machine. IT'S HARD TO HUNT AROUND WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A BUNCH OF DIFFERENT MACHINE TO CHOOSE. YOUR STUCK WITH THEIR ONE MACHINE, and how lose is their slot on that particular game? That's why I try several casinos and find the one with better payouts.
Hi Astrolucky,

And welcome to the forum. RTG stands for Real Time Gaming which is the software provider for a large number of casinos. If you go here:
https://www.casinomeister.com/accredited-casinos/ there are lists of casinos that I endorse with the software provider listed there as well. I would also suggest playing for free before opening any "real" accounts to get a good feel of the slots. RTG slots and Microgaming (most everyone's favorite) feel and look different, but the payouts and options can be pretty much the same.
Can Anyone Open a Casino on the Internet?

How much does it cost to buy the Microgaming Software and open their own casino from Home? I'm just curious.....wondering how Microgaming keeps the scammers out.
I believe it's a seven digit figure and this is an operators license - not a software purchase; MG is no small time operation. If you were trying to run this from your home, you would probably have a pretty big house with a lot of people working there :D
OK, That relieves me.

Thanks, I am glad it costs some real money to purchase the Microgaming software. I want to write them myself just to make sure I understand how rich these guys are who run these casinos. In the back of my mind, I was thinking that maybe anyone could buy the software and start their own casino.....and then they'd market it like an MLM scam. Do you know when and where the next Casino exhibition show is located where these Microgaming guys and Playtec and RNG companies have a booth set up at a show somewhere? I'd like to talk to them.

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