Looking for Advice Royal Prive Delayed Payment Issue


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Mar 14, 2012
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Good morning,

I'm hoping for some advice from members. On September 30 and October 1, I put in to withdraw $10,000 at Royal Prive (a Topgames Casino). I have been playing there for a few years and, although I had to do a lot of "cheer leading" to my VIP Manager, he expedited payments so that I was receiving an average of one payment per week and, on occasions, two payments per week of $2500 for winnings as far back as last May.

In August, I cut back on my wagering significantly. They told me they could not keep paying me weekly or at the level of the previous payments. They told me it will take 7 months to get the payments for the $10,000 they owe me. They quote their terms and conditions:

"33.Players are allowed to withdraw up to $1,500 per request. If the amount wished to be withdrawn is greater than $1,500, then the remaining funds are left in the account. Once the first withdrawal is approved, a player can request an addition withdrawal with the money in his account. Player has the right to cancel the withdrawal request at any time while it is still pending. This also applies to the withdrawals of progressive jackpots.
34.Customers can submit their withdrawal request at anytime. The approval time may take fifteen - eighteen (15 - 18) working days starting the date authorization process was completed successfully."

So, although I have already "withdrawn" the $10,000, they are saying they will pay $1500 every 15-18 business days (7 months total time to get the money).

Does anyone have any advice about this? It seems to me to be an unacceptable delay but I don't know if I have any recourse.

Thank you so much for any advice you have to offer.


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Feb 17, 2012
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You were very lucky to get some of your money. I hope more experienced players can give you some advice:(


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Unfortunately you agreed to the terms when you signed up at the casino, so you're going to have to abide by them and wait until you're paid in full. If your VIP manager helped you on previous withdrawals, that's nice - but they're under no obligation to do it again. While you wait you might want to do some reading here about that casino group and other people's experiences.

In answer to your question, no it's not acceptable - personally I would read terms like that and decide to play at another casino. But because it's spelled out in terms you agreed to, there's really sweet FA you can do except maybe decide to close your account once you're paid in full. Unless they miss a payment or renege on their payment arrangement, you can't even really complain about it.


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Mar 4, 2008
runs to hills, never play topgame is going to be the soundest advice your get from any member here ) im thinking there only one part of sloto that i would even bother trusting , other than them the rest are just crap(


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Jul 16, 2010
sorry, but, like was already said before, you agreed with their terms
so yes, you will have to wait the 7 months, if not more than that....

top game, like also was already said, box 24, black diamond and spartan slots, are ok, all the others avoid, if i were you, i simply would uninstall that, and play at other casinos, i recomend the acredited ones:
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i am sure you will not have this kind of problems