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Jun 15, 2005
Hi since im a noob around these parts plus to this biz im lookinfor critics.

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How to improve
What to fix etc


Nice site. I like it.
Just one thing, the blue links at the bottom hurt my eyes.
Other then that, it's a really good site :thumbsup:

The nice easy design, does not strain the user when that to be on a site... As a whole very much approaches under subjects of a site. The color scale too is good... In general it is normal
Hi kpr

Really a very nice site, good look and feel. Usability seems good and friendly. You just need to look at the following from an SEO perspective.
  • Onpage SEO factors
  • Page titles are not descriptive
  • Your domain setup. You should have a 301 redirect from the www version of your domain to the one withoutthe www
  • Copyscape seems to pick up allot of your articles all over the web. Perhaps considder publishing more original content.

Perhaps look at rss feeds as well, but in general a very nice site! :D
From a player's point of view... not much content, not much reason to go there.

Nicely designed, though. What program did you use?
Nice design

Looks great. Nice and clean layout. :thumbsup:
I think you have some great content but it just isn't presented right.

It just doesn't make me want to read or click on anything. There are no graphics and there's too much text. The blue headline color is okay, but I really think it needs to be bigger.

I recommend that you come up with some better headline titles, make them larger, and float some nice graphics in your articles (especially the frontpage ones).
Plus do what chatmaster said with the titles.

Other than that, it's a great site. Xoops seems like a excellent cms.
Good work on the site but I think you could defs vibe up your logo and give it some more color etc. An identity is important and it should make an impact on your users.


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