looking for .05 or .10 cent roulette casinos!


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Dec 18, 2004
hi everyone! i am looking for the cheap roulette sites.i am playing on global but looking for another. any help will be great. i thank you all in advance. have a great day!!!! :thumbsup:
bet 365 has 0.25 live roulette

I play in euro and minimum is 0.25. I assume the same would be in $.
USA casino-New York also have 0.10 min in live roulette but if you win they WILL change the limits!?! (I dont reccomend them for other reasons)

Except live roulette, you can check Acropolis casino which has 0.10 min.
There are also other playtech with similar limits but be careful which one you choose to play. check the forums before u deposit!
Good luck
Wagerworks have low limits for GBP: Virgin 10p ($0.17), Hard Rock, Paddy Power, etc. 20p ($0.34).
But I don't know if you can join any of these from USA & play in dollars???

Roulette minimums are one of my bugbears about online casino's - the vast majority are WAY TOO HIGH!!!
For a game with such a huge house edge, this makes no sense at all. :confused:
Come on you casino's - reduce your minimums, make more profit, let more people have fun! ;)
lasseters casino have 1cent roulette.(shockwave game)
I dont think so you like it's graphic :)

also zipang casino have 10cent live roulette. (playtech)
thanks everyone!!!

:thumbsup: thanks for the help!!!!raol please! :lolup: i don't play like that. maybe you do?but i am no noob ok!!! :lolup:
has anybody ever played on swiss casino?just wondering if i will have a fight to get my money?!?!?!?! :confused:

thanks again for all the replies!

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