Long time reader, 1st time joining


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I feel like I know many of you already hehe. I am joining for the first time but have been reading the forums here off and on for a few years. Admittedly, I am finally joining because I may need help with an accredited casino but I should have joined long ago I suppose. It just seems like such a leap to actually post here. Oh well, here I am now!


Just one more spin pleez!
50 lashes with a wet noodle for not being a part of the forum sooner!

Welcom though! Glad to have you now :thumbsup:



:D:D it says your a registered user :eek: i hope thats not substance :D:D

oh yea and welcome from boston mass U S A


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Welcome, Gablock!!

Don't you worry about Silc's wet noodle lashes. They just tickle a bit, she is too kind to wanna hurt ya! I think anyway! :p

And as far as Rocky's post? Well, people here have been known to get addicted to Casinomeister. But in a good way!

Happy to meet you, Gab!


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Hi Gablock,

Glad you finally made the decision to become a member!! You took your first leap, the rest is just like hop, skip and a jump!. May not be in that order though lol.

Nice to meet ya.

aka LH


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Welcome to the forum Gablock. Sorry it's a problem that brought you here, but all the accredited casinos have reps, I hope they can help you sort things.

At the top (in the red bar) is a link to I-Gaming Forum Reps, they can all be found there. Some go by their name, some the name of their casino, but ctrl-F (find) should help you locate the name you need. You can send them a private message.


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Hi Gablock,

Welcome to the forum :thumbsup: