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Oct 28, 2004
Toronto ON Canada
Hi all,

Seems a brand new 'live dealer' site. WRs are B+DX30. The match is 100% up to $150.

Anyone knows about them or has played them?




I stand corrected. It's Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) or just
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. Both take you to the home page.

It's 'propriatary software' of sorts.

Anyone with insight or has played it?



Yeah i played the bonus on london. Lost it all quite quickly. Its a live casino with live dealers. They do pay. The requirements are quite high! 30x d+b

Its a sister of casinowebcam, so its the same software, same dealers and so on. Should be a reputable place to play.



Thanks for the feedback guys.

I just looked into it more and you are right, kava, that they are a casinowebcam sister. Just that mention gives me the creeps, because I felt cheated very badly, and obviously, imoho, at that site. I will not elaborate here, because its a one persons experience, without hearing another complaint. My lips are shut but what I saw was shocking

If anyone has had a weird, absolute take-down at casinowebcam please PM me.


From Casinomeister News of March 18 2005:

The latest "live over the Internet" technology casino is Londons, owned and operated under a Maltese license by Vegas Interactive Limited which has offices in Valetta, Malta and London, UK.

It joins the growing list of operators using the services of Adam Anhang's Casino Web Cam (CWC) which offers live gaming over the Internet from casino-studios in Costa Rica.

The casinos have built a solid reputation for fair play and efficient services, and this one is no exception with fully contactable 24/7 Support and Neteller, 900Pay and Firepay financial options all presented on a clean, professional and easy to use site. A matchplay signup bonus maxed at $150 is on offer.
Horrible blackjack game here.


Hit on ANY 17
Do NOT take a hole card until after the last person has taken their hit.

May be good for some, but I HATE that variation. I'm almost sure the house has a much larger % playing this way vs. atlantic city rules.

I do have to say, the dealers are NICE. I was playing there on easter, and wow! Bunny costumes and everything ;)
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Londons Casino

The European style of having the dealer take her 2d card after everyone is done hitting actually is an advantage to the player. If you are in Chair 7, you have watched 6 players hit and if there were a total of, say, 15 hits and only 1 was a ten, you can assume the odds of a ten on your hit being pretty good. The converse is also true: if a dozen tens come out and you're sitting on 12 you can feel pretty safe about hitting that.

The common swipe at Londons and it's sister Casino Webcam is that the decks are stacked with way too many low cards which obviously gives the House an advantage. Doubling down, the player's best weapon, yield a 10 only about 20% of the time, wellbelow the 31% it should be. The same is true for splitting Aces and other cards you'dlike to match with a ten. Also, with incredibly frequency, dealers take 4,5 and even 6 hits before stopping between 17 and 21 or busting, usually 20 or 21. My evidence is only statistical based upon my own observations overf the 4 months I've been playing there but my gut tells me that something is not on the up and up.

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