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Sep 3, 2003
I just came across with this casino:Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

It's certainly a very groovy casino :p :p .Don't you think? ;)
It's one of the Virtual Casino groups casinos. (RTG)

But notice they don't have little "Lotitas" exposing themselves, good wholesome entertainment here :thumbsup:
rowmare said:
Yeah. Nice name if you're a pedophile.

I'm not afraid to admit that I really like that Lolita rowmare.Don't you?
Does that make me pedophile? :D
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I know that this is some kind of record when it comes to thread digging.

But I didnt want to start a new thread.

This seems to be owned by Everest Casino now.

I finally deposit at Lolita Casino and everything looks exactly like Everest.

I won and made a withdrawal, the money came from ASK IBS as they always do from Everest aswell. I had the money the day after the withdrawal.

I can have the same user name as at Everest though. At Imperial I can`t have same user name as at Everest.

Why isnt the name Lolita Casino at :)

Dont they want to be mixed together with Lolita?
Please don't bump threads that are nearly six years old. You need to start a new thread. Thanks!
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