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Mar 15, 2003
How can I be so stupid? I took part in Lucky Nugget Bonus, deposit $50 and get $200. I hit a bonus Royal Flush on the Pai Gow for $1000. I am like hell yea. So I played around and lost down to $570. I cashed out 2 days ago. I look into my account again today. I saw $520 back into my playing account and $50 was in process to be sent back to my firepay account. I called customer services and they told me I had to wager another $974 because the bonus rules are 20 times my deposit and 20 X times the bonus. I wager enough to meet the bonus they gave me. But didnt wager enough of "my money", LMAO! Well in attempt to meet the other $974 I started playing their new 10 hand Power Poker. Lost $100 quick. Playing just $5 to $12.50. So I goto single hand Blackjack and bet $100 off the rip. I'm dealt 8 and 3 for 11, dealer showing 6. I double down and get a 5. Dealer flips over 16 and gets a 2 and wins with 18. Now im mad as hell. I bet the other $200 I Get dealt Jack and King for 20. Dealer show face card, checks for BJ...No BJ. Dealer shows 20. PUSH! So I rebet again. Im dealt 10 and 5. Dealer shows a Natural BJ.

NO More damn bonuses for me. Especially when they state you must wager "YOUR MONEY along with the BONUS MONEY." Its Real important to read the Terms and Conditions. I think I am going to stick with 2 casinos Casino-On-Net and InterCasino. I will deposit $200+ and dont worry about any bonus. Because I usally deposit $100 and take part in 100% bonus. But don't think i'll be doing that $hit again. LMAO
you are surprised that youve lost your money after playing with 100/200$ each bet ?? Why didnt you let the autoplay function play for you say 2 $ flat Vegas Strip while you did something else meanwhile.???
Would have been a better way....
Yes, bonus money force you to play. You don't have to play right away, you can play them whenever you want to play.
You lost those big bets, these events will happen anytime with your regular deposit. There is nothing to do with bonus money.
If you hate bonus money, don't take them. It's that simple.
Many casual players hate to read terms and conditions. They can care less about the bonus money, they just want to get high. These people are the reason this industry exist. You are more than welcomed to be one of them. :thumbsup:
Its so easy to lose it when one takes a bad beating by the dealer. I experimented with $100 hands sometime last year to increase the EV of bonuses and save time. Thing is its hard to stomach when u lose a few hundred of dollars just like that. It really put me on the tilt so I decided it wasn't for me. Losing $100 hands are much harder to forget so I turned my back on this strategy and I'm all the richer for it.

Murder, from your thread about Sunny Group you said you were well versed in Bj strategy as well as card counting theory. Surely you must know that the BJ dealer can be horribly cruel and that it goes both ways. I think maybe you need to take a little break and a bit of reflection might help you to keep your gambling in perspective.

You are 100% right. I have closed my Firepay account and deleted my banking information. I am going to go on a long bend of not playing this online gaming stuff. You know I had started a Gamblers Anonymous Class a while back. But while attending I was on a long winning streak and I said the hell with G.A...I'M WINNING!!! LMAO. Well, better stop while im ahead. I think the casino operators knows we are heading into a economic depression and trying to milk us for all its worth. :drink:
murder, wish you the best of luck. If gambling is becoming problematic and stressful then its no longer viable as an entertainment. I definitely would not enjoy gambling if I'm suffering bad losses. I tried card counting at a land casino but I didn't really enjoy it cos it was hard work. Having a good time and plenty of laughs with friends while speculating a small amount of money at the table is so much better. Being happy with risking a little bit of entertainment money and not being upset if you lose it is something that a lot of people would benefit from.

When I play online, its purely for the money because i have an edge. I don't really derive much enjoyment from it which allows me to approach it professionally.............apart from a few dollars on the slots and the doubles on VP which i occasionally indulge in :)
DealerBusts said:
murder, wish you the best of luck.

Second that - good luck murder.

DB - We share the same attitude toward on-line and land-based casions. The only difference is I like counting because I can tell my wife it's OK to make a bigger bet now and then she invariably loses :)

Also it's fun messing up the table with a few occasional doubles on A,8 vs 5 or 6 while at third base!
Clayman said:
I like counting because I can tell my wife it's OK to make a bigger bet now and then she invariably loses :)

LOL...i definitely know the feeling. I've dabbled in a bit of card counting over here in the Uk but the rules are much less favourable (restricted doubling etc). Also the smoke really irritates me and the count never seems to get good. Casino staff are less wary of card counters here which means you can jump in and out of table as often as you like. I tried betting only when the count got to 2 or more but it so often means I play about 50-60 hands in a 5 hour gets very tiring. Btw what is your opinion on card clumping? because often I find that when the count gets really good, i still lose. Or maybe i've just been unlucky.

Still its not as profitable as I initially thought it would be. If you had a 1% edge on average, you still need to bet a hell of a lot to win a decent amount.
DealerBusts said:
Btw what is your opinion on card clumping?

I tend to doubt there is much of an advantage to be gained but I've never really tried to track a clump of cards thru the shuffle. On the other hand, if you ever play the first shoe from =>4 freshly-shuffled decks, it's pretty easy to see the imperfections of the "wash" and shuffle.

For an amusing article of what can happen when you think you are in a clump read
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For a more favorable experience on what can happen with cards never shuffled see
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I go to Atlantic City 4-5 times a year where they have "No Mid-Shoe Entry" signs posted at every table so I can't Wong anyway. It's an atrocious 8-deck monster with 5.5 decks dealt so I just try to have fun. I have no interest in drinking bottled water while spreading 1-12 to perhaps gain 0.5 units an hour.

And it's really no fun buying $100 of chips and getting $100 worth of chips. What kind of game is that? :)
It's true what hhcfreebie says. If you're not really looking for bonuses you're not forced to take them. Any casino should send your winnings if you don't have to meet a playthorugh requirement, there's no excuse! If you go into a losing streak and lose your deposit, then yeah, ask for the bonus and play with their money now, and roll it over, who knows? you might end up winning ;)
Clayman said:
I have no interest in drinking bottled water while spreading 1-12 to perhaps gain 0.5 units an hour.

Yeah being professional sucks. Next time I play, I will count just to give me that little bit more chance of winning and maybe get a little more adventurious with my betting :)

I've read that the way cards are collected by the dealer and the way hands are played means that cards clump together to make it less favourable for the player. So small cards tend to stay together and big cards stay together (eg when player gets a BJ, it gets collected and put on the discarded pile). If small cards stick together it means that players are at a disadvantage because they will get a poor card on doubling. Similarly the dealer with a small card face up will be more likely to beat players who will stand against it.

I read about this here:
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I did notice that he was selling some sort of software for this........
I'm inclined to think that it works both ways and that the effects are minimal.

Next time I get a monster count of 8 or 9, i will tell myself what a huge advantage I have and then almost inevitably lose........oh well thats life.

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