Suggestion login troubles at Casinomeister (November 2021)


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Jan 20, 2004
Ok, so, sometime in the last few days a bit of a forum glitch has reared its ugly head: login problems.
We've discovered that out of the blue forum users -- myself and Admin types included BTW -- suddenly can't login properly: you go through the login process, password and all that, click "login" and poof! You just get bumped back to the login screen. Your whole login process is apparently ignored and there's bugger all you can do about it.

FOR NOW the solution seems to be to dump your cache and have another go at it. This has been tested and works in Firefox, Chrome and Chromium. Other browser tests to follow.

Obviously in terms of helping peeps with login problems this will be a bit bass-ackwards -- if you can't log in the chances that you'll find and read this are slim -- but at least folks will be aware and could possibly pass it on to others.

If and when we figure out WTF the problem is we'll update here but for now we're stuck with the brute force solution: clear your cache.
Similar here, when logged in I stay logged in until I close the browser after which you have to re-login again including the 2FA

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