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Jun 1, 2005
Anyone with had any experience with LiveVegasAction?

I cashed out to Neteller 12 days ago and still no word. No reply from customer service, and I made my first cashout via Cheque 22 days ago and have not gotten any cheque so far.

I know that some casino has some slow cashouts, but I would think that using neteller would speed things a bit up.

Any advice, or experiences?
Still no word from LiveVegasAction...

I have tried more than 8 times to mail their support but with no response. Tried to PM "GrandAcesGeisha" who is the representative in here and no answer yet.
Still no word from LiveVegasAction...

I have tried more than 8 times to mail their support but with no response. Tried to PM "GrandAcesGeisha" who is the representative in here and no answer yet.

I had been going to suggest PM'ing the rep but haven't noticed him on the board lately. Maybe CM has a suggestion?

THANKS TO DUBYA I am swamped lately - like as in completely .

That however is no excuse so i would like to apologise publicly to noname6925 for the handling of this cash in . I will get it sorted out ASAP.

Still waiting

Well just to update the situation, it has been a month now since my first payout.

The manager has promised me that I should have the funds this week. So for now I am hopeful.....
I had the same problem with this casino. It took amonth or more to receive my funds and I had to contact Grag to do it. To his credit, it was resolved in the end but it took far too long.
To Long

It is taking far to long guys but we have implemented a whole new set of controls that will make it a lot better for players on this Casino .

A lot of you know me and i am a straight forward kind of guy so i will be straight forward with you . Live Vegas Action has been our most ignored brand much to my shame and i have taken action to ensure that this is not the case .

This is entirely our fault - i can tell you however that this has now changed ,i have a dedicated team on LVA and i am giving this niche market product a lot more attention than it has previously received .

You will receive i daresay it fantastic attention on this product moving forward .

Best Regards
I got my money yesterday.

Thanks to Greg for keeping me posted..
With all due respect to Greg, he posted on 10/27 that he would get it sorted out ASAP. You got your money almost 3 weeks later. Great that you got it, and great that Greg apparently made it happen, but 3 weeks is not an "ASAP" response as I see it, especially since you had been waiting on the cashout for almost 3 weeks prior to that. Why on earth would anyone want to play at a casino that takes 6 weeks to process a cashout, and only then when you involved management.

With all due respect mgibson99 sometimes running a Casino is not as simple as flicking a light switch or turning on a computer .

I would like to thank noname for his incredible patience with us while we sorted the entire Casino out . Essentially we have brought the entire admin and customer support of the Casino to be based at our offices in London.

I do however agree that no one should wait that length of time for resolution and am extremely grateful to noname6925 for his very patient approach.

I can assure you that this product will not suffer the issues that occured in the past.

LiveVegasAction never paid me

I have a receipt showing my withdrawal of $350.00. They didn't pay, and stopped responding to my emails.

I am glad to see that there is a representative from that casino here who might be able to help me.

I have all the emails and other documentation. Please let me know what my next step should be. Should I contact GrandAcesGeisha?

Thanks for a site that offers solutions.


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