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Hello Casinomeisters.

I have a question and i want you to reply theoretically.

This concerns Live Roulette, i never play it but i want to get my salary to a exact amount.

I placed a bet using bonus money on a casino which i wont mention yet i placed it on a certain number, my bet then before the roll gets voided, says i have no money (which i did) and the freaking number obviously hits or the story ends here.

I of course turn to live chat which says i cant play Roulette at all using that deposit bonus and he links me to their Rules which leads me to reading them fully and telling him there is no such rule and he agreed with me and just told me to make another bet....

What would you do in this situation ? Hence the number hit after my bet was voided, i know casinos save logs or do they of live play?

This is all just frustrating as shit for me.

Hope you understand the question as i tend to spell abit weird when writing alot of text.



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If rules state you can't play roulette then that's it unfortunately.

If it clearly says no then that it that mate sorry.


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If the casino is accredited, contact the rep here. As mentioned, it's far easier to name said casino for any real feedback from members. If the bet was a legit win might be PABable. I'd screenshot the Ts and Cs as well (lest they get snuck in after the fact).


dionys i did,

Will give him a chance until monday to reply and sort it out.

On monday i leak what accredited casino did this, hence i got print screens, twitch video, and chatlogs saved. :thumbsup:

Will be in the Casino Complaint section.
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