live online blackjack gripe


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May 25, 2011
I have complained to a casino, about a online live dealing blackjack game.

During the game sometimes I was not give the option to hit or stand, or the option came up and I pressed my option and the casino "never received my choice" therfore continued dealing, standing me on soft 14, 9 and 16 on three seperate hands. They I also has a push that I never received my stake on so complained about that also.

Now what got me is straight after the problem I typed in the chat box to ask why did they not hit, then I was told not to worry about it and support would be in touch.

Basically if the dealer does not receive my choice i'm not playing a fair game!

The responce I got that no refund was due as the fault must of been my end as no other player on the games had a issue, I did get a refund for the push hand, I was told there was a error "they would look into it".

I would like my money back on the games I did not get a fair chance, after all who stands on 9, or soft 14, the hard 16 hand maybe, but I wanted to hit as dealr was showing a 10.

Should they at least be reverting to basic stratagy when there is a connection error?

I don't have it as a connection error as the hand kept on being dealt, if there was a connection error surely I would lose the live feed.

Any advice would be helpful, or the recourse to get my stakes back on these games where I feel like I have been robbed.


Its my first post here btw, please let me know if more details are needed.


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Jan 20, 2004
@fourwood: FYI, it is bad practice to discuss an issue on the forums and have a Pitch-A-Bitch going on the same issue at the same time: see
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for details.

I see you had posted about your issue shortly before you filed your Pitch-A-Bitch. Please note that if you continue to post here while the PAB is in progress it may damage or kill your Pitch-A-Bitch entirely. Please stop posting on this subject until the PAB has had a chance to run it's course.