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Live Casino Problem

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by redsfan, Jun 15, 2015.

    Jun 15, 2015
  1. redsfan

    redsfan Experienced Member webby

    bishop auckland
    I have tried to resolve this myself but am banging my head against a wall.

    I opened an account with a casino and played live dealer. Now I noticed a problem at first when RED 19 landed and I wasnt paid. I genuinely thought I must have done something wrong but was not convinced but played again. I did a test bet of £5 on a even money shot that won.

    The next spin, I bet £172 on the wheel. The wheel spun and RED 5 was the winning number. The image below shows this.

    Now as you can see, I had £15 on the split 5/8 and £2 on the number. The number 5 is highlighted with a glow around it, acting as the "Dolly" The total bet of £172 is also shown.

    But again, this was not settled and any bet returned. I emailed the casino what had happened and after 5 weeks received this

    As a follow up to your recent query, please note that we have received an official reply from our Technical Department. The game vendor confirms that the various amounts you claim you bet on numbers lower than 21, were not accepted. As a result no funds were deducted from your account balance.

    In addition, the records on your account prove that first you placed the 5.00 GBP bet - the one you claim you placed after the above mentioned unsuccessful attempts. That means that you actually first made a bet for 5.00 GBP, and won 10.00 GBP. As a result your balance became 615.00 GBP. In short, at first your total account balance was 610.00 GBP, you made a deposit for 5.00 GBP, so it came down to 605.00 GBP. As this bet was a winning one, your total account balance became 615.00 GBP.

    Then it seems that you tried place other bets, which as already confirmed, were not accepted. This can also be easily proved from the screenshot you sent us. There you captured the bets you wanted to place and the balance seen there is 615.00 GBP. So the screenshot was made after the round in which you wagered 5.00 GBP and respectively won 10.00 GBP.

    There are no other successfully initiated bets, no funds were deducted from your account so respectfully, there are no missing winnings.

    1. They say I placed the bets and they were not accepted. They are saying the bets were not accepted AFTER the result was known.
    2. They then change tac and say the screen shot was made after the round where the £5 was won. But the bet was won on another number than 5. Yes it was the next spin after I won but is it me or are they implying skullduggery?

    How can they say, the bets were not confirmed, AFTER the result is known?

    I followed this up and received another reply

    Further to your recent query, be advised that our Technical Department has confirmed that what happened in your case was the following:

    1. You entered the game and you placed your bet.
    2. The bet amount was transferred from your wallet to the casino's wallet.
    3. When the transaction reached the game, it was too late as the table had already closed for bets.
    4. The transaction got stuck between the game and yourself and later on it got transferred back to you.

    I play ALOT of live casino, too much to be fair, and I have on the odd occasion had bets not accepted but ALWAYS AND WITHOUT FAIL before the winning number is known.

    Thoughts please

    Attached Files:

  2. Jun 15, 2015
  3. neilw

    neilw Moderator of Live Games forum CAG MM webmeister

    Moderator of Live Games forum
    Kent - England
    I've certainly experienced the odd bet not being confirmed, but that's not happened to me for a long time.

    It does look from the screen shot and the description from the customer service rep that although you placed the bet on the table, it probably wasn't confirmed because the balance didn't change. However what strikes me as strange is that your bets remained visible on the table during the spin and the result. Something is obviously amiss with the software that handles this interaction. In my experience when things fail they do so gracefully, i.e. they back out to a know point, which in your case should have been to remove the images of your bets at the point of the bets being confirmed.

    However if there was a comms failure between your browser and the server that might explain it. Either way I think there is probably an issue with how the software handles these exceptions. But I'm no expert I'm just assuming a lot here.

    It's a bad beat, but I don't think there is much you can do but accept it and move on. If your problem was with Net Entertainment software then try moving to a Evolution or Playtech Live Casino, you might get better results there.
  4. Jun 16, 2015
  5. redsfan

    redsfan Experienced Member webby

    bishop auckland
    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I play on various live dealers, my main one being playtech and yes, I have had "Not Confirmed" bets before but before the ball has landed.
  6. Jun 16, 2015
  7. Casino2014man

    Casino2014man Non-Gambler

    United Kingdom
    I have to say, the net ent software sucks... I played it a couple of times on betspin, until it lagged just as the ball dropped 4/5 times. You don't even get to see yourself lose. Useless crp.

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