Live Blackjack


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Apr 27, 2002
Live games seemed to be the latest thing on internet you think live blackjack is more honest than regular balckjack on an online casino?



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Dec 12, 2000
Not necessarily.

A fairly programmed online blackack game would not commit the errors that a human dealer would. The online games that shuffle after every hand have a constant level of house edge as far as the player is concerned, so it is a fairer game to most players.

Watching a dealer dealt game online, players don't see the cards shuffled. The shoe could be short aces and give the house an advantage and players would never know it.

At present, the best way to get a fair game is to play at a regulated casino that has to answer to legal authorities. Lasseter's in Australia is the only online casino that their local gaming commission has to monitor, so they are probably trustworthy. Online casinos operated by UK land companies have their land licenses at risk if they are found to cheat, so they too probably deal fair games. has a blackack game with a reasonable edge and a player's club that reduces it even further.