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Oct 26, 2003
im starting to notice a few online casino's using live blackjack dealers that you can watch just like you would in a b/m casino. Does anyone have any experience with these and what there opinion of them are. Also do you think this could be the future of online blackjack?
Hi !

I have played Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ... you get a max. of USD100 bonus, but those casinos are not really for bonus playing as it takes very long to play a wager.
But its nice when you just play for fun, because the girls are very nice and if you are able to say somethig else then "you are so hot, bla bla..." you can have a nice chat besides.
(withdraw could be faster: Requested 25.10/Received:01.11), but there is always a live support and people are helpful.

Was really fun to play there and best regards to the girls from Bantaas/Stefan if someone goes there ;)


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