Live Baccarat with NO bonus?


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Mar 6, 2006
Bellevue, WA
Well here is my first official post. I'm really glad to have found this forum. I've been looking for an impartial place like this for a while now.

I primarily play Baccarat and have been playing at casino tropez for about a month. I deposited $100 and was given $120 in bonuses. I ran this up to about $1200 and tried to make a withdrawl and was told I can't withdraw a penny because I wasn't playing an "approved" game. I'm sure this is nothing new to you veterans but it was new to me. I can't even get my orginal money out unless I play some ridiculous amount of blackjack.

So my question is, can anyone reccomend an online casino with live dealers where I dont have to take some bonus that prevents me from ONLY playing baccarat and withdrawing any winnings? (I prefer live dealers and perhap naively think that since i can see the cards and shuffle they can't mess with the outcome by tweaking a "random" number generator).

Thanks so much in advance!

You get bonuses everywhere..... I belive the answer is simply to email support and request a No Bonus account, then you'll be able to with draw any time.
Did you try to just leave $120 (the amount of the bonus) in the account? Instead of withdrawing $1200, withdraw just $1080. They shouldn't give you any hassle since you were playing with your own money.

UNLESS at one point your balance dipped into the bonus money to continue to play, i.e. your balance went below $120. If it did, then technically you lost your $100 but was able to continue to play because of the bonus money. If this was the case, then the casino can put all kinds of wagering requirements to withdraw any amount of money from that point on (provided you don't deposit more money).
If you got the bonus and play it, you was considered as accepting their terms about the noncashable bonus. You can check casino tropez website for details.
When I was a newbie casino player, Casino Tropez was my first casino I played at. I didn't know much about the bonus stuff at the time and when I withdrew money, Tropez just subtracted the bonus money from the withdrawal since I didn't meet the wagering requirements. No hassle. This was in October 2004. I guess it is now different at Casino Tropez.

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