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Jul 16, 2004
England --- Seriously AVOID AVOID AVOID bunch of crooks, heres the story i am awaiting a decision by IBAS (there watchdog).

I went through the bigbrother website to place a bet on Littlewoods Betdirect.
When I got through it looked like there was a lot of other things to do on the site like play games, cards etc.
So I deposited 100 (about $180)

Once I had done so I placed my big brother bets and still had 65 left and there were no games to play (as there not ready yet) so I looked at what I could place a bet on.

As im not really a sports watcher except I like boxing, so I chose to put money on a Boxing Match With Ricky Hatton Vs Carlos Vilches. I put a few small bets on both to win, On Points, Win in first round.

My 4 bet on Ricky Hatton to win on points came in @ 100 -1 winning me 404 for which me and my girlfriend were ecstatic about after the fight.

The money was the CREDITED to my account. I went to bed very happy
Woke up to sort out the money back to my card and had an email from them (see attached letter S). So I called and was speaking to a girl who put me through to a guy who makes the decisions on rulings and he said
Obviously it was an error and we are allowed to make errors
to which I replied
Why is it an error? I placed the bet on Thursday night at 00.49am, if there was an error you have had 2 days to correct the error before the fight you would have seen the bet come in and more to the point if I would have known you made an error I would have put more money on it wouldnt I ?

I explained I would be speaking to I.B.A.S. for which the reply was
thats ok ill take my chances with them as they always rule in our favour.

So i called IBAS who said they were dealing with....8 ! other complaints about them and would deal with it for me.

I tried to then withdraw the money and he had already changed it back to the other amount; however I still have the slip.

He said they admit they made an error but there allowed under terms and condition 1.2. All I can say to that Is I cant walk into there store place a bet for 1000 on a race and halfway through the race pull back the money as my horse is loosing so why are they able to?

I spoke to the advertising and trading standards and they have both said they agree this should be paid out as they had plenty of time to correct any errors before the fight

So take a view but mine is AVOID LITTLEWOODS BETDIRECT.there crooks!
On the other hand I've never had any problems with this bookmaker or their casino.

Also the error you refer to is covered in UK bookmakers T&C's, usually palpable error, that being an obvious mistake, a boxer winning on points, especially Hatton @ 100/1 is an obvious error, I really will be surprised if IBAS rule in your favour, you would've been better being more constructive with them and trying to negotiate a suitable settlement IMO.

Good luck though.
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