Resolved Littlewoods/888 Cassava suspended and robbed my money


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Feb 20, 2008
I play poker since 2005 without any problem. I have had some issues because docs in the past, but all my accounts are running smoothly. Im Pokersavvy player, and I trying to clean up some bonuses and I started to play by Littlewoods because all people said that was really easy. In the past, I ask to close my Pacific Poker account, because i got insane bad beats and the site isnt a good site properly.

The first thing I did was contact Cassava Poker Support to ask about my situation, giving my emails and full name:

rom Cassava - Operations Dept. <>
to "Leandro S." <lea**********>
date Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 2:54 PM
subject Re: [R] info (KMM31365134I1819L0KM)

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Follow up message
Dear Leandro,

This is Mark M. from the Operations Department at Cassava Enterprises
Gibraltar Ltd, which is part of the group of companies.

I am contacting you with regards to your Pacific Poker account with the
username ?Spermart?.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. However, I understand that
you indicated that you have had accounts here at Cassava Enterprises
Gibraltar Ltd closed previously. However, after further review of your
previous accounts you were advise that should you had wish to return to
our casino at a later date do not hesitate to contact us.

Therefore, as this is the case, you should not experience any problem,
if you wish to open an account with Littlewoods.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact

Kindest regards,
Mark M.
Operations Department
Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd.

Original Message Follows:
Hi, i want to know if i can open a account in Littlewoods, in the past i
asked to close my Pacific Poker/888 account, and i know that i cant play
Pacific. If i cant, i want to know about the reason. Thanks!

name: Leandro **** ***** *****


I think, ok that's is cool, I' ll open my account now.

So i did my account and later i did my first deposit:

The details of the transaction are as follow:

Payment to: Cassava Enterprises
Recipient email:
Amount: GBP *** (USD ***)

Transaction ID: 161175244
Time & Date: 21:39 CET, 24/06/2009
Transaction status: processed *

* A processed transaction indicates that the funds sent have already reached the beneficiary Moneybookers account. All questions regarding the subject of the payment you have instructed should be referred to the recipient of the funds. All processed Send Money transactions are considered final.

The day after:

Dear Leandro,

I am Real L. from the Operations Department at Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd., Cassava Enterprises manage operational services for Littlewoods Game On. I am contacting you with regards to your Littlewoods Game On account with username "LR1402".

As this account is related to other accounts that have been closed by our Department for security reasons, we have temporarily suspended your membership.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Real L.

Operations Department
Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd.

I was trying to log in my account and i have had the sad notice that my account has been disabled without any specific reason. When i logged in my email, and saw this:WTF! They said to me exactaly 7 days ago, that i could open an account in Littlewoods and reopen my account. if you invite
Someone to play or send an email that clearly says that i can play,
reopen or open an account in the Littlewoods. And seven days later, one day after my first deposit my account has been locked with the funds. What can I call it ? Rob, Steal, Cheat ? Or anything else ?

Anyway, i have the proof that i ask to the same support and the same
department that blocked my account 7 days later asking info about my
situation in this network and I has been encouraged to play here and
open a new account:

Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Some additional info: When I played at Pacific, I deposit using my neteller and withdraw back to my neteller without any problem.
I dont was affiliate.
I ask to close my account.
I never won any huge amount and never lost any huge amount.
I never did any transfer P2P
I never chat at the tables

I have a lot of poker accounts with more than 4 years old, why only at
Pacific network I have problems?

Anyway, i will stop to play, in anytime, anyplace, anywhere some site can be rob your balance.

I have all emails and proofs about that.

888 randomly froze accounts to steal costumers.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Looks like a case of sheer incompetence, as expected from Littlewoods is no longer the Littlewoods it was. When it changed from Crypto to Cassava I quit playing, this is my "vote of confidence" for Cassava enterprises.

Keep that email, since you have evidence of a breach of the regulatory rules, since they told you in writing that you were "good to go" to open an account at Littlewoods. They had plenty of opportunity to say NO straight away, and save you the bother of depositing.

You can PAB, or submit a complaint to Gibraltar. You may even find they are eCogra sealholders. Since you have not managed to place a bet, they should find it easy to just return your deposit, so you could start the process by giving them notice of intent to complain to Gibraltar, for example, if they have not returned your money within 14 days (should be more than reasonable given that Moneybookers is "instant").

You should avoid ALL properties related to Cassava enterprises, since they have a history of blunders and cock-ups (Reef Club & Lucky Ace to name two)
I did play for a while at Reef Club, but then they introduced predatory terms and conditions, which scared me off.


Dormant account
Feb 20, 2008

Ninety hours after my first contact attempt, finally i received en email asking my docs, so I sent my docs and I'm waiting my account and funds back soon.

Anyway, I'm very disappointed about the delays and the bizarre closure of my account with less than 2 hours of play.

Thank you for helping me about Ecogra and the others procedures.