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Nov 9, 2001
Played their new player 25/25.
Wagering 2 per hand and busted out in 95 bets -wager 446.

Played their monthly bonus 25/25.
Wagering 2 per hand and busted out wager 510.

Also had an internet connection drop and none of the previous wagers were logged.
There is NO true U.S. version.
U.S. players can now play but they have to play in pounds.
I did the download...registered at the casino in the U.S. version.
Tried to make a dollar deposit from my Neteller account...BUT, Littlewoods only accepts pound deposits.
IMO the website should let the U.S. player know that he'll be playing in pounds before he goes through all the trouble of the download, registraion and pound deposit.

I spoke to Littlewoods CS and they don't know if there will ever be a dollar version.

Stupid as far as I'm concerned.

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