List of Gambling related movies


Bonus Pimp
Oct 27, 2003
Here is a list of good to great gambling related movies, did I miss any?

Hard 8
The Cooler
Owning Mahoney
Soylant Green
Add One More

Hello Chucho,

Add Oceans Eleven to your list. Original and remake. I liked both versions.
How about that 2 episode Roseanne special when they went to Las Vegas?? ;)
padanian said:
National Lampoon's Vacation in Las Vegas...
Chevy Chase playing BJ is a must...

Oh yes! How could we have missed that one??
jpm said:
Oh yes! How could we have missed that one??

I remember the hot saturday afternoon when it was on Italian television: I decided that it was the place for me. I had to go. So I rang my girlfriend and asked her to get married.
On September 24 (2001, not the best moment for US tourism...) I landed in Vegas.
All this thanks to Chevy Chase :eek2:
You mentioned "The gambler" and "Molly's Game", so here are a couple of others that I can think of:
  • Runner Runner (Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake)
  • KidPoker (Daniel Negreanu)

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