Resolved linx casino, super high playthrough for microgaming


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Feb 26, 2009
here is the conversation,but the just of it was two things:

1,i played the new summer holiday slot (set on autospin to stop on a win) it went for 68 spins at 5 a shot before i checked it . this just doesnt happen. Its a 100 line slot with only a 750 jackpot.

2. I only deposited 37 but i played through 2,117.80 gbp and still never met the playthrough.
maybe im crazy but this seems really high for microgaming.
here is the chat.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

"You are now chatting with 'Josh'

you: hi there,

Josh: Hello. How may I assist you?

you: i seem to have a problem with the new slot summer holiday

you: login session 439204,from transaction 310 -378 .there was only 1 hit on the slot?

Josh: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.

you: i was mostly playing 5 per shot!

Josh: I am checking the transactions now.

you: for a 100 line slot with only a 750 jackpot thats very bad odds

Josh: I will forward your input to our casino team. We will get back to you by e-mail once they have investigated.

you: thank you ,can you please tell me what my total playthrough was in all games

Josh: Just for today?

you: please, just for today by my recogning i must have played through over 2500 on a 37 deposit

you: and for some reason i still never made any playthrough,im new to this casino but thats not like other ones where the playthrough is perhaps 20x or 25x

Josh: I am checking this. Thank you for holding.

you: ok thanks

Josh: You have wagered 2,117.80 gbp today, flushing 60 gbp from your bonus balance to your cash balance.

you: can you please tell me why the playthrough was so high

you: is it like that normally or was there an error

you: i could understand it being even 1600 that would be around 40x

you: i only found this as i always do playcheck after each session

Josh: I think it is normal, but it depends on what games you play. I am having a look at your playcheck now."

ps.i only play slots and not even the clasic ones


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Feb 26, 2009
i had no balance on my account at this time and he was flushing 60 from being a bonus to being cash?
this should have been done before i had to playthrough?
so nothing would change in my account seems a bit late and crazy thing to do


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Oct 14, 2004
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Maybe there is an issue with this slot.

68 spins and no win:confused:

This HAS to be pretty much impossible, so maybe there WERE wins, but autoplay failed to recognise them & stop.

Normal WR for MG casinos is 300 credits wagered on slots per 10 credits moved from bonus to cash. 60 moved would normally take 1800 wagered. If wagering just over 2100 credits meant 60 was moved to cash, this is pretty close to the default, where 2100 wagered would move 70 over to cash.

I suspect a near clone of Cashapillar here;)

Cashapillar has 100 lines, and at first was thought very low variance because of this - it wasn't:D 68 spins without a win though, this is extreme even for a HIGH variance slot.

There are probably some high winning opportunities in the feature, and these might represent a very significant portion of the RTP for the game.


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Feb 26, 2009
i have just spoken with josh again who is very nice and polite!
but still strange!
Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Josh'

Josh: Hello. How may I assist you?

you: hi there

you: i have still not had any email from support concerning the issues i raised yesterday?

Josh: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.

you: ok thank you

Josh: As far as not being able to view details for some bets, we have been told by the casino team that this was due to a synchronization delay. The information should be available now. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused you. As for the issue with the Summer Holiday slot, our casino manager has investigated and found no errors or irregularities - you were simply unlucky.

you: and why was the playthrough on my 37 deposit over 60%

you: i had played through 2,117.80 without reaching the playthrough

you: i still cannot veiw the game history in detail!

Josh: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.

you: i have contacted casinomister about these issues as i cannot get suitable resolve or any contact in email.I have posted in the forum and i shall update until i get resolution or i need to use their "pitch a bitch" system. Please be aware that any bad rep with this forum is viewed by thousands

Josh: I have checked your session and found the same thing as you did. I will have to forward to our casino team and ask them to investigate what the issue might be. It seems there are no details for any of the bets on the Summer Holiday slot.

you: so how could the manager have checked my bets?Its been like that since yesterday

Josh: As for the playthrough percentage, I may need to forward that to our casino team as well, but I am checking now. What I have found is that you played through parts, releasing 60 GBP from your bonus account to your cash account.

you: why do that i had no credit in my cash account? so the 60 transfer was 1.too late and 2.useless .

Josh: Our casino team said there had been a general synch delay, so it was assumed that this was to blame for the lack of details for the bets you mentioned. I will ask them to specifically check your bets for the Summer Holiday slot.

you: the guy last night said he "flushed 60" but this was after i had played .why do that

Josh: It was me you talked to last night. The funds were flushed as you played - not after - mostly ?10 at a time.

Josh: Bonus Amount Flushed, , British Pound, -10.00, 02/07/2009 20:09:01

Josh: Bonus Amount Flushed, , British Pound, -10.00, 02/07/2009 19:20:50

Josh: Bonus Amount Flushed, , British Pound, -10.00, 02/07/2009 19:00:42

Josh: Bonus Amount Flushed, , British Pound, -20.00, 02/07/2009 18:48:02

Josh: Bonus Amount Flushed, , British Pound, -10.00, 02/07/2009 18:17:06

Josh: Each transaction released funds from the bonus account to the cash account.

you: so i played through 60 but not all even after 2,117

you: i still have not found out why the playthrough was so high. it says 30x

Josh: I am checking this.

Josh: If you have a look at
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, it says:

you: it says 30x playthrough ? i have 60 or more. i would never take a bonus with an unplayable playthrough.

you: this works out around 900 i think

you: or 1200 for 40

Josh: 30x playthrough would mean 150x30=4500 credits. 60 credits/gpb released works out to 1800 playthrough.

you: i didnt deposit 60 i deposited 37 but even 1800 is still lower than 2100

Josh: Also, another ?14 was flushed to your cash account earlier today:

Josh: Rebase Bonus Balance and Play Through Required, , British Pound, -14.00, 03/07/2009 13:12:43

you: why i didnt deposit today and i no longer had to play though as i zeroed out yesterday?

you: this seens really wrong like something fishy going on?

Josh: I am checking. Thank you for holding.

you: 300+ is a huge difference in playthrough requirements why was i made to do this extra playthrough? Its just wrong and unfair!

Josh: I think I have figured it out now. You got both the first deposit bonus and the Credit to the Ladies bonus, for a total of GBP 74. The playthrough requirement is 30x for both of these promotions.

you: thanks but this is totally awful that i should have to playthrough 60x on a 37 deposit the reload ladies bouns should not have been added if the system was going to up the playthrough to 60% thanks for the assistance but it is now past midnight,i have been trying to sort things for hours.

you: i am very tired now and frustrated /irate but thanks for your help

Josh: You are welcome, mam. I am sorry if you feel you have been misled.

you: i do i am very unhappy about it all, but thanks for helping

Josh: I will pass on your input to the casino team.

you: many thanks

It was a 60x playthrough which is unheard of in microgamming?
and as for the SUMMER HOLIDAY SLOT
still cant check it yet


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Sep 26, 2004

I would suggest you give the casino some time to sort out this mess. Pouncing on live chat support for tech issues on which they probably dont have a clue will likely be futile. They have not, as yet, really given you a full answer as to what happened.

In addition, as the case is still being investigated you shouldnt use casinomeister as a tool to threaten the casino especially by stating that the reputation of the casino could suffer as it has a wide audience.


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Feb 26, 2009
you are right they just needed more time i got a full explaiantion from the nice manager
Dear Michelle,

I am contacting you about the issue that you have had at Linx Casino hoping that I can clarify a few things for you.

Firstly let me apologize for any inconvenience that you have been caused, I assure you that our intentions are to create a enjoyable gaming experience not a difficult one.

The problem was that your welcome bonus and the Credit to the Ladies bonus were both added at the same time on your first deposit meaning that you had a cash balance of 37 and a bonus balance of 74. As we use the Linx Casino Bonus System the bonus balance is made cashable in 10 increments as you play (moved from your bonus balance to your cash balance). The play-through required on all bonus funds for Bronze VIP players is 30 times the bonus amount with 100% of the wagering on slots going towards wagering. Every time you wager 300 playing on slots 10 will be moved from your bonus balance to your cash balance.

I have looked into your account and 60 of the bonus amount was played-through and moved from your bonus balance to your cash balance where the funds could have been withdrawn at anytime. The other 14 unfortunately was lost before play-through was met. With the Linx Casino Bonus System you can play-through as much or as little of the bonus as you want and you can cash out anytime, only the remaining bonus balance will be removed when the withdrawal is processed.

Full details of how the bonus system works can be found here
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Our technical manager at Microgaming was contacted yesterday with regards to the Summer Holiday Play Check issue as I had the same issue when I tried to view the full game details of Summer Holiday on my test account. Our technical manager is looking into the issue and will be getting back to me as soon as possible. Once I hear from him I will email you immediately.

solved i think.
many thanks all


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Feb 26, 2009
i have been informed that there are still issues with the new summer holiday slot. it is not supported by playcheck
Thank you for contacting Microgaming Support

As discussed I have confirmed with our PlayCheck development team and we currently do not support this new game in PlayCheck. PlayCheck support for this game will be added at the beginning of August. You may contact your Service Manager for specific dates.

i have never heard of this before but the casino had redeemed itself to my just by giving me good replies and keeping me informed