link to the meister's summer home

tennis_balls said:
nah.....that's Ed Ware's cottage

Pah. Neuschwanstein is little more than a tent! I've got 6 of those :rolleyes:

This is just a little shack where my mum keeps her corgis. If you look hard you can just see their orange water bowl in the centre. The arena thing to the left is where the cats are made to hold gladiatorial contests with the Beefeaters. We're hoping to upgrade but there's an annoying tapping noise on my mobile phone at the mo...
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Human scum...

Why MUST he be on the planet EARTH? He very well could have been hiking on the moon of Endor, where he could have been picked-up by a company of Biker-Scouts. I have a good feeling, ahem... There's a strong presence in the force that leads me to believe he's in safe hands now, far away from your precious EARTH.

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The Dark-Side of the force needs the data from his "droid". The information that we stole from the supposed "super-droids" such as "Johnny 5" (Short Circuit) and the once considered vastly superior "V.I.N.CENT" (The Black Hole) left us with useless binary jargon which when uploaded onto our systems, that even our 3PO units had problems deciphering. Crap!

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